URGENT PETITION – Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire – Only Until Monday 16th July To Sign – Please Sign Now And Crosspost.


Petition Link:  http://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/petition/bonaire

We have until Monday 16th July to collect names for this emergency petition, which staff from Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire will present at a meeting to the Bonaire Government shortly after. 

Petition to help the donkeys of Bonaire

We wish to support Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire in its appeal to the Bonaire Government to stop their shipment plans of 200 feral donkeys to Haiti and instead work together to help find the best solution for the donkeys’ future well being.

Donkeys have been living feral on Bonaire for hundreds of years and many fall victim to terrible acts of abuse, road traffic accidents, illness, dehydration and sometimes starvation.

A Dutch couple set up Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire in 1993 to help save sick, wounded and orphaned foals and they’ve managed to save and care for 400 donkeys so far, but a further 200 are still roaming free.

Now these remaining feral donkeys are facing further threat. Recent reports indicate that the Bonaire Government wishes to round them up and transport them to Haiti where they will face an uncertain future as working animals. The sanctuary believes that the stress of travel combined with the lack of resources or expertise in Haiti to domesticate the wild donkeys, is likely to lead to intense suffering and distress.

The Donkey Sanctuary, which has supported the Bonaire sanctuary over the last 15 years is keen to support its efforts to work with the government to help find the best solution for the donkeys.