Serbia: Petition For Proper Prosthesis For ‘Mila’ – Please Sign and Crosspost.

It is essential that as many signatures as possible are achieved for Mila – please do it and crosspost to all of your contacts – Thanks SAV.

Petition Link:

Petition Wording:

Two and a half years ago a dog in Serbia got all four legs chopped off and was sent to a veterinary clinic called “Veterina Beograd” where they took care of her and named her Mila. After spending a year there Mila was ready for adoption,but they refused to send her to another country where she could have had good prosthesis and insted they made her some inadequate prosthesis and gave her to a family in Serbia. Since the legs that were made for her were very uncomfortable, her new family took them off and now they expect the poor dog to walk on her bones. A prosthesis maker from Canada spoke with Mila’s guardian and offered to make 4 very nice prosthesis for her, but her guardian declined the offer claiming the dog will get use to walking on her bones. So now poor Mila spends her days laying down on the floor without even a proper bed. This is why we are asking veterina Beograd to make sure she gets the prosthesis she so desperately needs and deserves and we also want to let them know THE WORLD IS STILL WATCHING- P.S. your comments are welcome, but make sure they are polite and not insulting to anyone  

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UK; Congratulations Bradley – First Ever British Tour De France Winner !! – A Great Day For UK Cycling.

This is not animal ‘stuff’; but it is such a great day for British cycling that something has to be said about the guys in team SKY.

Congratulations to Bradley – first ever British ‘Tour De France’ Winner.

And to Mark – Sprint Champion again (No. 4) and Chris – 2nd position on the Tour.

A brilliant day for British cycling !

Well done fellas, and big Congratulations !