Serbia: Can We Go and See the Animals Having Fun At the Zoo Daddy ? – The Real Side of Palic Zoo, Serbia and the Animals That ‘Exist’ There.

Link to the Palic Zoo website:

The beautiful flowers and gardens give the visitors to Palic Zoo the impression that everything here is wonderful for the animals.

The August 2012 expose by campaigners who visited the zoo shows a very different picture.

The Brown Bear is in massive depression – having simply existed in this shack of a cage facility for some 30 years.

This is the reality of Serbian zoos in 2012;  an attraction for human visitors to ‘enjoy’ the animals; but endless days of nothing to enjoy; just boredom in terrible conditions for the animals who exist there.

Here are a few pictures of the Brown Bear which has suffered boredom and confinement in its small enclosure for over 30 years.

In another post to be published very soon, we will be showing more photographs of other animals which are existing but not really ‘living’ at Palic Zoo, Serbia.

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