Germany: Zookeeper Killed by Tiger; Which is Shot and Killed by Zoo Director. 500 Tigers Remain Globally in the Wild, But 7,021,836,029 Humans On the Planet. What Will They Shoot Once Tigers Are Extinct ?

What will they shoot and kill when all the endangered animals have been ‘removed’ from the planet by the human species ?

– other humans ?

German zookeeper killed by tiger at Cologne zoo

Police and zoo officials have confirmed that a 43-year-old female zookeeper has been killed by a tiger at Cologne zoo.
5:41PM BST 25 Aug 2012

The attack happened around 10.00am (GMT). The tiger, named Altai was four-years-old and was moved to Cologne Zoo in April last year.

The zookeeper, who has not yet been named was mauled and bitten and later died of her wounds in hospital.
Theo Pagel, zoo director, told reporters,”today is surely the most terrible day in my career”.

He went on to describe how he wasn’t present when the incident took place but did shoot and kill the animal on arrival.

He said an investigation into what happened was underway and it appeared that “the keeper made a mistake“.

It is believed that the woman was cornered by the animal after it found its way through a gate that had not been properly shut.

Cologne Zoo is one of the oldest and best-known in the country and is home to some 10,000 animals from 700 species.

Food for thought:

Amur Tiger: included on CITES Appendix I, global population in the wild is estimated to number 500, while 421 cats are kept in captivity; or maybe 420 now. ( also see – BBC, “Amur tigers on ‘genetic brink’ )

In comparison: mankind, not included on any CITES list of endangered species,  global population is estimated to number 7,021,836,029 mid-year 2011.


Some disturbing comments left by some regarding this:

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Magnificent animal? Their only utilities, of those lazy and coward beasts is to make lovely carpets (I prefer those made from white tiger skins) and to be stuffed to be shown in museuns. Future (I hope it will be very son) kids will know that those stinking “Magnificent Animal” have been eliminated by man, the Lord of Earth


The simple fact to watch the photo of that beautiful (some say it) and huge animal makes me sick. I hate every time more the people who insist to protect and keep alive those specimens all around the worls. Theuy are cruel beats, coward creatures, they are simply dangerous, useless, lazy, they live their senseless existences only to hunt, chase smaller animals, kill them, eat them and sleep more than 18 hours a day. The Zoo administration should be charged with a penalty because they didn’t kill the beast two or theee years ago...


I think you’ll find there are no tigers in Africa. They’re indigenous to India and the Far East; but you’re correct, they are very highly feared. But, if you would like to see them become extinct, you’re fast getting your wish. Poaching, loss of habitat and illegal hunting has left a comparatively small number of tigers in the world today. Soon the only tigers left will be the ones in zoos.

I hope it happens as soon as possible, a worls withou those coward beasts…


Yes, you are right, let’s release all the tigers that are today in captivity aroud the world, take all of them to Suberia anda than… shot to death all those coward beasts. I give my approval…


‘Netto’ or ‘Nutto’ ??

Lets hope he never produces children !!