Serbia: Part 2 – Palic Zoo Investigation: Can We Go and See the Animals Having Fun At the Zoo Daddy ? – The Real Side of Palic Zoo, Serbia.

Link to the Palic Zoo website:

As additional evidence to our recent fist post on the suffering of animals at Palic Zoo:

We are now able to provide many more photographs regarding the August 2012 expose by campaigners who visited the zoo.

As said before, the beautiful flowers and gardens give the visitors to Palic Zoo the impression that everything here is wonderful for the animals.

We understand that the Brown Bear, the Chimps and two Canadian Wolves are the animals suffering the most.  Depression due to a lack of any stimulation to make their lives worthwhile.

Here are a selection of photographs taken during the August investigation.



In a facility designed to replicate their natural environment !! ?


Provided with nothing – apart from a walkway to provide shade from the sun.


Don’t they eat grass and vegetation daddy ?

Below – Home is 50cm x 70cm

Dead and Dying Trees

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