Romania: Meet ‘Edd’ – Can You Help With A Donation For His Treatment ?

Dear friends,

we desperately need your help again… A week ago we found Edd, an old greyhound, sick and abandoned like garbage… Even if we did not have a place to keep him or the money for the medical treatment, we could not ignore him.

He was running among the cars, shivering with fear at any noise or any person that came near him.  He proved to be extraordinary gentle and patient, and after we saw how he behaved, we realized that he had lived in an apartment. He was somebody’s dog…

We took him to the vet and his age was estimated at 12 years. He walks slowly and has difficulties in standing up, probably the reason why he was abandoned. We took him blood tests (Wednesday we will have the results), treatment for external parasites (full of ticks), started the treatment for the back and he will be on medication for arthritis and age support. We will also need to take Xrays (probably 3 pcs because he is big) and echo.

The total cost for investigations, treatment (Alflutop, Milgamma, Omega, Bomazeal and natural supplements), and good quality food are estimated at 207 euro.

Donation can be made by paypal (, in the Asociatia Red Panda account RO72 PIRB 4237 7350 1300 1000, Piraeus Bank, or directly at Praxis Vetlife (str V. Stroescu nr 21, Bucharest) with the mention for Edd.

If he gets through all this alright, Edd has the chance to spend his last months or years in an experienced home, that deals with old greyhounds. He will be loved and appreciated, but we need first to help him and get him ready.

Look at him, a poor doggy abandoned in a big world, full of dangers. Think of your animals at home and imagine how would they feel if suddenly on the street. This is how Edd feels now, sad and disoriented, because he does not understand what is happening to him. Please help him, please be with him in this tough period.

If you are in Bucharest you can visit him anytime at the adoption center, Barbu Vacarescu 164 street. He would be happy too know that people care and love him!
Thank you!

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