Lebanon: Massive Explosion Rocks City. Animals Lebanon Need Immediate Help. Donation Link Below. Please Give.



See videos at:



At 6:00 pm yesterday afternoon a major explosion at the port rocked all of Beirut.
Initial reports of over 100 dead and 4,000 injured.
Beirut has been declared a disaster city.

Entire buildings and homes were destroyed, and significant damage throughout the whole city.
What happened is absolutely shocking.


Animals Lebanon’s office was damaged and windows blew out. Animals were injured from the glass and there were bloody prints everywhere by the time we could make it to the office.

We rushed some animals to the vet for urgent care from the cuts


We have repairs to make at the office, emergency vet bills for our own animals, and now putting all our effort into helping others with their injured or lost animals.
We will share more updates but still trying to understand this new reality everyone is dealing with.

If you need help with an animal, email your phone number and location and any details to contact@animalslebanon.org

If you can join our rescue team, email your number to contact@animalslebanon.org

Support us through PayPal –

For PayPal: Please make sure to write “Animals Lebanon” under ‘Add special instructions to the seller’

Donations –  https://www.animalslebanon.org/donate


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