Foie Gras – Not A Gastronomic Delight; Just Blatant Animal Abuse; Plain And Simple. Video To Watch From L214 (France).


The realities of the Foie Gras industry.

Young unwanted chicks thrown down the chute to be shredded.


Birds caged and force fed several times a day by having a metal pipe thrust down their throats.

For what ? – to produce a fatty liver pate for so-called ‘gastronomic delights’ ?



Please watch the video from L214 and then decide for yourselves that this is not ‘beautiful food’; it is simply blatant animal abuse.  Procedures are the same the world over for foie gras production – do not think that procedures are better in some countries than in others. 


Visit the L214 campaigns photo gallery at: 

Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore (ex James Bond 007) speaks out for a ban on foie gras

– if it is good enough for James Bond to say ‘no’; then we can all say ‘no’ to foie gras.

(Photo Peta)

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