Croatia: Starving Dogs Eat Horse While It Is Still Alive !



dogs eat horse

CROATIA: starving dogs eat up horse while still alive!

A gruesome video has been uploaded onto youtube 2 days ago, showing starving dogs eating up a horse, lying down, barely alive, but still moving.

According to Croatian animal activists, the farm where the video was shot, and the animals – both dogs and horses – allegedly belong to the chairman of the Society for horse breeding from Oborovo, Branko Borković.

“Everything was so loud and brutal that the whole village gathered around and witnessed this horror. The dogs were so starved and in a state of apathy that they attacked the horse. And so someone called the police and press while the horror was still taking place. But no one could stop it because the dogs were so hungry and out of control”, said a person who was at the scene…

See video (*** Warning: VERY GRAPHIC ***  !):

According to the person who started a petition, the police have already intervened against Branko Borković on a couple of occasions, following complaints regarding animal cruelty, but due to a lack of evidence, nothing was found at that time.

The petition that we kindly ask you to sign, calls on the local authorities to investigate and to punish this recent repulsive and barbaric crime to the full extent of the law.

Please SIGN PETITION at:ć.html

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