Spain: Please Sign The ‘Galgos’ (Hunting Dog) Petition Below.



Bitte Petition unterschreiben und weiterleiten


100,000 + galgos abandoned at the end of hunting every year – work it out for yourself!…….

People say the figure of 50,000 galgos abandoned every year is exaggerated – usually i…t’s the hunters who say so, of course, as they don’t want the bad press.

Vera of Galgos en Familia, Malaga province in southern Andalucia says, ‘Co-inciding with the end of the hunting season at this time of year, more than 5.000 galgos are abandoned by hunters in our province.
It is estimated that 1,500 galgos are collected each year from the streets of Malaga province and the majority of these from the valley of Antequera, where they are used as tools to capture hares, a hunting activity that is banned in other european countries but is still very much allowed here in Spain.

The galgos, classed as useless and not worthy by the hunters are punished beaten and abused for not doing what is expected of them before being left to their fate on streets, motorways and countryside of Malaga.’  Vera saves many galgos and podencos from Malaga perrera, El Paraiso.

So, 5,000 just from one province in the region of Andalucia. This link, lists the 50 provinces in Spain, including the Canary Islands. Most of the names you will recognise as suffering from abandonment of galgos and podencos.   So, even reducing the number down to, say 30 – that still qives a figure of 150,000 abandoned at the end of hunting every year!
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