5/2/20 London: Activists Welcome New BP CEO By Delivering 5oo Solar Panels and Shutting the HQ Down.



Hi Mark – Greenpeace activists have just shut down BP’s headquarters in central London, after delivering 500 solar panels to the new CEO.

They’re here to “welcome” in BP’s new CEO, and show him what he needs to do to tackle the climate emergency: switch BP to 100% renewable energy – or shut the company down! It’s the only way we can get out of this crisis.

Can you help drive this urgent message home to BP’s new CEO? BP really care about their public image, so the bigger we can make this on social media, the more pressure the new CEO will feel.

Around the world, the climate emergency is wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Burning fossil fuels like oil and gas has got us into this mess. And every day, BP are making the crisis worse.

BP already have more fossil fuels on their books than we can afford to burn if we’re to avoid total climate breakdown. But unbelievably, BP are planning to spend $71 billion digging up new oil and gas on top of that. [1]

If BP continue down this path, it will push the climate even closer to breaking point – and that means more frequent and even more severe climate fires and floods. BP must immediately stop digging for new oil and gas and go 100% renewable! Can you help get that message to BP’s new CEO?

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