Ireland: Join ARAN and CIWF for a National ‘Stop Live Exports from Ireland’ Rally on April 24


ARAN poster


Join ARAN and CIWF for a National ‘Stop Live Exports from Ireland’ Rally on April 24


(All pictures from ARAN)



Thousands of Irish animals need your help.

Join many others and book just two hours off from school, college, university or yes, even work! There will be inspiring speakers on the day and it’s family friendly so everyone is invited along to this peaceful event.

March saw the resumption of live cattle exports from a Waterford port which will be the first of many shipments from Ireland to the Middle East. This shipment was the first in more than ten years and was a sad, dark day for animals in Ireland – a step back in time. The hardship and blatant suffering many thousands of Irish cattle will face during the grueling journey is one thing, but the horrendous torment and cruelty these gentle animals will endure at point of destination, is only imaginable. When the animals reach Libya they will be slaughtered but generally without the “standards” that are often put in place in Western countries – either way the suffering is wrong and the live export trade from Ireland must be stopped.

It’s imperative if you want this horrendous trade stopped you must take a stand – please don’t leave it to others to do the active job of speaking out. Wherever you live in Ireland we’re asking you to please book just two hours off and attend this most important event of the year.

Thank you,

‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’


P.S. ARAN is working with CIWF specifically on the live exports campaign as the group is highly experienced and has led the calls to ban the vial trade across Europe.

Click here for an investigation into live exports,

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