Serbia: Victor’s story.

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Drustvo za zastitu zivotinja ALEX    


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Victor’s story.

Victor was saved in 2008.

On a tip that a dog is in poor condition, that only serves as a guard dog, and that nobody cares for him, volunteers of NGO “Alex” immediately went on the field and took the custody over the dog. They named him Victor.

Horror is a mild word for the poor state the dog was in. Starved and weak, he had a heavy chain around his neck, food and water was nowhere to be seen, and he had a bad skin disease Demodex.

It took a long time for Victor to recover, to learn that he is no longer limited by a meter long chain, that food and water are always available to him, and that every day there is someone who will come and pet him, talk to him with a gentle voice and nice words.


 Victor began to flourish. He got better, but kept his position of a housekeeper.

He doesn’t like other dogs and cats, but with people he is simply wonderful. He likes to go for walks and enjoys being in the center of attention.

Victor is now 8 years old.

He hasn’t found a home yet.

Volunteers of “Alex” would give everything if he could go to a family that will love and cuddle him for the rest of his life.

But, if that does not happen, Victor is grateful that he got a second chance in life. We don’t even want to think of the fate that would have awaited him if he had remained with that chain, and in those conditions for one more day or one more month… one more year he would not have survived.

Victor is a dear dog. He acts as if he wants nothing more than what he already has. But we think he deserves a home.

If anyone is interested in adopting him, it would be the most beautiful news for him and for us.

Drustvo za zastitu zivotinja ALEX

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