Vietnam: Cats Intended for Eating Saved from Truck in Vietnam — Tell Authorities Not to Kill Them!

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Vietnam cats

Breaking News – 2047hrs UK time 5/2/15

Demand justice for thousands of seized cats in Vietnam buried alive!

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Update #1 February 4, 2015 full update ▾

Hanoi officials have now announced that the cats were crushed to death before burrial.

The 3 tonnes of cats, still in their bamboo cages, were crushed with a truck. The officials claimed they did this to stop the spread of disease.

About this Petition

Last week, authorities in Hanoi intercepted thousands of live cats (three tons) that were illegally smuggled in from China for human consumption.

While it is illegal to consume cats in Vietnam, the underground cat meat trade is big business. Every week, thousands of cats are smuggled into the country for human consumption. Regulations mandate that all smuggled goods confiscated by authorities must be destroyed. However, animal protection organizations were urging Hanoi officials to turn the cats over to them instead.

Unfortunately, this heartfelt plea fell on deaf ears. On February 2, 2015, police forces announced that all cats have been buried. It is unknown whether the cats were killed before being buried or not. Hunter Shaffer, Chief Investigative Officer with the Global Conservation Group says they are disappointed with the actions of the Vietnam government.

Because authorities do not have the resources to humanely euthanize all the cats, Shaffer says police likely buried the cats alive. The group also wrote an open letter to the Vietnam Ambassador in the United States condemning their actions.

In the year 2015, this type of animal abuse on such a large scale is simply unacceptable. Please sign and share this important petition urging authorities to change their animal handling policies to prevent another tragedy from occurring again.

Vietnam U.S. Embassy:

Phone Number:(202) 861-0737
Email Address:


Our original post:

Cats Intended for Eating Saved from Truck in Vietnam —

Tell Authorities Not to Kill Them!

Petition link –

Cat meat, known in Vietnam as “little tiger,” is officially banned in the country.

However, it’s increasingly becoming a delicacy in the country. Authorities recently seized a truck full of thousands of cats destined “for consumption” in the country, which were being smuggled from China. The story seems unbelievable, but was reported by the well-established AFP wire service.

A police officer said that according to Vietnamese law, smuggled goods will be “destroyed.

Please sign the petition to ask the Hanoi Police Department to ensure the cats are sent to a shelter or sanctuary and are not killed!

These cats are living beings. They deserve a good life, and shouldn’t be treated as any other smuggled good, but rather with care and affection.

Sign the petition to help save the lives of these cats!

Thank you.

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