Nepal: Completely Disgusting Animal Abuse Exposed by ”Animals Nepal’ In New Bhairab Brick Factory. Please Take Actions Given.


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Worked literally to the bone – exposed backbone

Animal Nepal can be found at:


The  mule’s spine and vertebrae were exposed

Animal Nepal shocked by conditions in New Bhairab brick factory

15 Apr 2013

 Lubhu, April 12, 2013 – Animal Nepal’s working equine outreach team today was shocked to find a grave case of animal abuse in New Bhairab brick factory in Lubhu, Lalitpur.

A mule, which was literally worked to death, died this morning from deep trauma saddle wound on its back. The wounds were so severe that the mule’s spine and vertebrae were exposed.

Donkey Sanctuary India’s managing vet Ramesh Kumar said he had never come across such a serious case of equine abuse. “I am deeply saddened to see the conditions of equines in Kathmandu’s brick factories, and vow to do whatever possible to improve their lives,” said Dr Kumar.

Already 15 equines died in a similar manner in the factory since December.

Over 30% of surviving 47 equines suffer from malnutrition, saddle wounds, blindness or other injuries.

Animal Nepal’s team of paravets is presently being trained in wound management, PRA methods, hoof cutting and tooth rasping.

Animal Nepal, apart from providing training to equine owners and child handlers, conduct regular mobile clinics in brick factories. The organisation has launched a campaign to improve the conditions of ‘brick donkeys’.

Actions – Letters and Petition

Supporters are requested to send a letter to the Federation of Nepal Brick Factories and to sign this petition on

Animal Nepal is a founder of Brick Clean Network Nepal, which promotes a responsible brick industry. A write up on ‘Blood Bricks’ , produced with the blood of countless working equines, child workers and bonded labourers, by Animal Nepal’s volunteer directors Pramada Shah and Lucia de Vries, can be found here.


11 Responses

  1. Whole Life Way of this poor mule is a pictor of morality and ethic of homo sapiens animal species and it is a clear evidence that our species needs an Ethical Revolution.

  2. I’ll immediately grab your rss feed as I can’t fund your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Please let me know in order that I may subscribe.

  3. Disgusted as fuck…

  4. Look after your animals don’t abuse and torture them this is disgusting the pain that donkey went through with no help is so wrong your all evil and going to hell

  5. This is disgusting and inhumane!! These people need to be punished and these animals need to be rescued right now!!!!!!


  7. My heart breaks for these poor, defenceless animals. How can humans be so vile and cruel? Despicable monsters with no soul.

  8. Give people a car for their bricks. It is very very cruel. It comes through poverty.

  9. This is disgusting act of neglecti from the owner that horse gave his best and in his final hours he was left to die in agony that’s how his owner rewarded him

  10. Nepal is a discusting country with no respect or rights for animals!

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