England UK: Box Type Trailers Carrying Live Animals – Demand the EU Takes Tougher Action – Petition.



A Dutch ‘sealed box’ trailer filled with live sheep arrives at Dover UK 

– All Photos – Val Cameron.

Box trailer petition

This new petition specifically relates to the ‘box’ trailers which have been regularly seen at both Ramsgate and Dover (Kent, England UK).  Without adequate exterior identification that live animals are being carried, emergency rescue crews anywhere in the EU, called to an incident involving one of these specific trailers, could assume that other ‘goods’ are being transported rather than live animals, a situation which could subsequently result in animals being left locked in the trailer, where they could die due to lack of ventilation and / or being crushed due to lack of access by their rescuers who unaware that live beings are inside. 

This situation and the need for emergency crews to know that live animals are in transit has been verified in a written letter to the KAALE EU Correspondent from Mr. Van Goethem – Director of Veterinary and International Affairs at DG SANCO (Health and Consumers); the EU Commission responsible for animal welfare.  ]

petition pic

The petition can be accessed via the following link:


This petition is mainly aimed at EU residents as this is an EU wide situation.  But if anyone else wishes to sign, please feel free.  We urge all organizations within the EU to support and crosspost this petition link – Thank you.



Competent Authority Inspection

Vita KAALE Logo 9 9 2011

Kent Action Against Live Exports – KAALE – http://www.kaale.org.uk/

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