England: Badger Cull Update – No Badgers Tested For Bovine TB; But Tests Are To See If Badgers Can Be Shot !!!!


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Maybe it is just me, but if you are undertaking a kill of thousands of badgers to see if they are allegedly carrying bovine TB and thus giving it to cattle as the National Farmers Union are always saying; when the ‘cull’ badgers are shot, then is it not common sense to undertake a port-mortem of the dead animals collected at the ‘kill sites’ and see if they actually DO HAVE / DO NOT HAVE, or are the alleged ‘carriers’ of the bovine TB which they claim is being spread to cattle ?

The government (led by David Cameron and his ‘yes man’ Owen Paterson) has introduced a ‘cull’ of 5,500 badgers in West Somerset and Gloucestershire to attempt to eradicate bovine TB, which it is said can be passed from badger to cattle.


Above – the ‘brains’ (or lack of) behind the cull associated with bovine TB in badgers – but which does NOT test culled badgers to find out if they carry bovine TB !!!

It is claimed that the trial is to test whether badgers can be shot „effectively, humanely and safely“.  It is not to test how much bovine TB is reduced by culling badgers !

So, my logic and probably that of many other welfare people; you put men out with guns to ‚test’ if badgers can be shot, and then after working towards a trial of killing some 5,500 badgers, who are (as the government and NFU claim) carrying bovine TB and spreading it to cattle, you only select to do post mortems on 250 animals and of those, you do not test any to see if they are carrying bovine TB !!

Maybe I am going astray somewhere with this government policy, but if the government and NFU claim that it is the badgers which are spreading bovine TB to cattle, would it not be a good idea to test all the badgers killed in this ‘cull’ to see if they are actually carriers of bovine TB ???

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Can someone in UK government or the NFU actually inform me where the logic is in this cull. 

A cull to eradicate bovine TB, which at the same time does not do any tests on the badgers killed to ascertain if they are actually carriers of bovine TB in the first place !!!

Another reason to get Cameron and his cronies out of government at the 2015 election here in the UK.

Mindless or what ? – an NFU spokesperson declines to comment on the numbers culled, saying “it was too early to draw any firm conclusions”.

Our conclusion is that this cull is pointless and even it it does go ahead, at the very least, it should be testing the badgers killed to find out if they ARE actually carrying bovine TB.

If there are no tests to find out what population of badgers may be carrying bovine TB, and we have nothing gained from the cull apart from lots of dead badgers, then what does this cull actually do except show that men can shoot badgers with guns ! – I think we have already worked out that man + gun = kill.

A Conservative / Cameron / Paterson brain dead policy, with a complete by-pass of what the whole issue is about from what we can see – mental government and Fational Farmers Union  (NFU) or what ???

Q 14 Sept 13

Q 2 13 Sept 13


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