Romania / EU: Press conference from 12 February, 2014 at the EU Parliament on the mistreatment of dogs in Romania.



30 minute video:

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Video: kindly provided by the Press Center of the EU- Parliament

SubjectPress conference from 12 February, 2014 at the EU Parliament on the mistreatment of dogs in Romania

On December 4, 2013 a delegation of the European Parliament went to Romania and had some meetings with Romanian officials ANSVSA- Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority and the Mayor of Bucharest. The delegation members were assured that the law on dog management was a law on “adoption, not on “euthanasia” and the citizens had access to public shelters which were totally transparent and complying with the law

On January 28, the delegation returned to Romania in order to inform themselves on the situation directly on site by visiting as well dog shelters of the city halls.

The Delegation found that there was a major discrepancy between what the authorities had told them during their first visit and what they found on site during their second visit.

On 12th of February, 2014, the Vice-Chairman of the AGRI Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Intergroup, MEP Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI (ECR) together with the Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Intergroup MEP Andrea ZANONI (ALDE) hosted a press conference in relation to their recent visit to Romania.

MEPs addressed concerns regarding the situation of stray dogs in light of the recently adopted Stray Dogs Euthanasia Law by the Parliament of Romania aimed at culling the stray population, and presented their reflections and conclusions and put forward plans, recommendations and possible initiatives in search of a solution on how to address the issue.


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