Italy: Important Petition To Help Cats on Favignana Island. Please Sign and Crosspost.



Please sign this important petition – Thank you.

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blind kitten

Blind kitten left for dead on the streets for weeks in agony and no one to help!!

Many more will follow.

author: Barbara Hanly

target: To the mayor of Favignana Island, Lucio Antinoro

signatures: 907

we’ve got 907 signatures, help us get to 1,500

I arrived on the 6th of June to Favignana Island’s main port. We were walking to find a taxi when I heard a young kitten crying out after been kicked by a taxi driver who then jumped in his taxi and nearly reversed over it. I ran over and quickly realised the kitten who was only 3/4 weeks old had such a horrific eye infection it could not see and so bad her eyes were not visible. The kitten was blinded by the infection and was crying out for its mom across the road. The photo shows the kitten on the mother’s back as this was the only way of getting her around. I reunited the two and was shocked to look around and see so many malnourished stray cats and kitten.

I tried to find a vet but they don’t exist on the island, no one could help me and the locals advised this has been the situation for many years with most looking on and not doing anything about the problem. Thanks to the goodness of a kind volunteer on the main land this little kitten received medical help but yesterday evening it was confirmed to me the brave little kitten didn’t make it. So I want to make sure her life was not wasted and I want to petition on her behalf for all the other cats and kittens on the island. Please help bring an end to this horrific suffering by signing the petition below. Thanks kindly in advance..

Please help us get the support these animals need on Favignana island. I’m asking the mayor of Favignana island to help control the numbers of stray cats on the island by implementing a simply solution by arranging for a vet to visit the island once monthly to spay/neuter thus controlling the cat population and to check on their general health.








Until this is done more and more stray cats will multiple and many more will suffer like this kitten. Please sign this petition to tell the mayor of Favignana Island to resolve this horrific situation.

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