Serbia: Slavica Takes Action About Shelters and Strays In Municipalities.

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We have had a couple of things in from Slavica, who is based in Subotica, Serbia.

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Scroll down until you come to the section titled: Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – Subotica, Serbian Republic

Slavica says:

First –

I ask for copies of documents about  the city  shelter  condition and capacity at Novo Selo by Vrnjacka Banja . How many dogs/cats have been arriving during the last 3 years,  what is the number of microchips given to the animals and where are they now. How much public money was given to provide for these animals, and where is the money now, because  I had received information that shinters from Novo Selo travelled into in several municipalities of Southern Serbia  catching dogs/cats; making dirty bllod money from doing business with several city authorities.

Now we wait to see what documentation they provide, if any.





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Second –

The Mayor of Subotica did not help to big shelter and Adrianna Nadj said to him
that he cannot finance 550 city dogs,  and at the same time city shelter has
receive 7 million dinars  for  feeding  156 dogs for 2013 year.

Adrianna wrote that ALEX  shelter needs help and  she wrote the minimum of
finance which  it is necessary, but to date the Mayor has not even bothered to respond to her.
That is  why I now send to mayor and also to ombudsman :

official request for information of public interests : what they did do for protect  Adrianna
and Dragan  human rights and for protect the animals at ALEX shelter and also
what they did do against irresponsible owners and  what they did do for
protect all pet animals.  Or are they ignoring all the existing Serbian laws ?

Again here; we now wait and see what answers they provide, if any !


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 na ruke obudsmanu Zlatku strana 1

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