World Farm Animal Welfare News Snippets.



WORLD MEAT CONGRESS: Animal Welfare to be New Moral Trade Barrier

Animal welfare issues could become a new trade barrier following a landmark ruling by the World Trade Organisation, writes Chris Harris from the World Meat Congress in Beijing.


Positive Response to UK Non-stun Slaughter Petition

The campaign to end non-stun slaughter in the UK and provide consumers with better information about the welfare of animals at slaughter has received a positive response from Government Ministers.


INDIA – Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd puts forward his case that hen welfare needs to be balanced with the production of food for a growing human population.


Animal Cruelty Footage Highlights Need to Protect Farm Animals

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is calling eight workers on Canada’s largest dairy farm to be charged with wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering and injury to animals under the federal Criminal Code following an undercover investigation that revealed vicious acts of cruelty.


Effect of Wet Litter on Welfare, Performance and Carcass Yield in Broilers

A Dutch study has shown that broilers kept on wet litter not only had more footpad dermatitis but they also had poorer performance and defects that caused welfare issues and more condemnations than other birds kept on normal, dry litter.


HSI/India Applauds Directive to Ban Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Humane Society International/India welcomes the Drug Controller General and Agriculture ministry’s directive urging the State Governments to stop using antibiotics and hormones in animal agriculture. 


Holland pig farmers leading the way in providing animal welfare

A recent trip to the Netherlands provided a glimpse of such developments associated with pig production. While it’s easy to focus on the differences between the U.S. and Dutch pork sectors, there are similarities, just on a different scale.


Do’s and Dont’s For Hauling Cattle Safely

Stocking rates for cattle trucks and guidance on how to move animals is given by South Dakota livestock stewardship expert Heidi Carroll.