UK: General Election Today – 7/5/15. A New Government Can Only Lead To Major Improvements For Animal Welfare.

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Today, 7/5/15; we have a General Election here in the UK to elect a new government for the next five years.

The current government is a coalition formed by the Conservatives; headed by David Cameron (Prime Minister); and the Liberal Democrats led by Nick Clegg (Deputy PM).  The major opposition called the ‘Labour Party’ is headed by Ed Milliband.


Ed Milliband – Labour Party Leader.

There are many other smaller parties who currently have MP’s at the House of Commons; including the ‘Green Party’.

Carloine Lucas is a Green MP, and some of you will remember we worked in the early days with Caroline on the issue of Serbian strays; before she stopped her position at the European Parliament to become a British (only) MP.  Caroline was always very supportive of our work and helped us very much.  We remember this.


Above – Caroline Lucas MP.

Things are very close between the Conservatives and Labour at the moment.  Whatever the outcome, neither will work with each other to form a coalition.  Therefore, even if they do not win a majority of votes, Labour for example, could work in coalition with the Greens and other smaller parties to form the next UK government.  David Cameron and the Conservatives do not know what animal welfare means; that is why we want them out today and a new pro-animal welfare government (including the Green Party) formed.


David Cameron – Prime Minister.

As you know, we have worked a lot with Green Party (European) MEP Keith Taylor for several years now regarding the issue of Serbian strays.

keith taylor 1

Keith Taylor MEP – Green Party

We very much hope that today the Green Party in the UK will win several more seats in the next parliament; and more importantly, will be included in forming a coalition government with what we hope will be Labour and Ed Milliband.

A Labour led coalition government including the Greens can only lead to animal welfare improvements from what the UK has at present.  We have good legislation for animals, but the Conservative led government has ignored the wishes of the animal welfare lobby for the past 5 years.  The badger cull which was organised by them, and which has been opposed by the vast majority of the UK citizens, is just one example of where the Conservatives have ignored the wishes of the public.  

 badger girls 2badgers animal

We have covered the UK badger cull on this site many times – here are just a few links.  You can access more by putting ‘badger cull’ into the search box at the top of the site if you wish to read more on this very controversial issue here in UK.

 badger demo chick

We will be supporting the Green Party today in the General Election.  By voting Green there is so much ahead that will be so much better for animals and their welfare.  If the greens are hopefully in coalition with a labour led government; it can mean only one thing; that Green MP’s will push for much more improvement to the very good animal welfare legislation we have here in UK.

And why do we support the Greens ? – see a copy of their manifesto via the following link for their approach to animal welfare: – see pages 15, 16 and 17 particularly:

It is now only lunchtime here in UK on the 7/5.  The polling stations will close at 10pm tonight.  By tomorrow sometime we will have a result on what the next government situation will be.

We hope it is NOT Cameron and the Torties – failing animal welfare for 5 years and still doing nothing about the badger cull; the use of animals in circuses; long distance transportartion and the rest.   We don’t need them and we do not want them for another 5 years !!


Lets hope the Green Party has big gains this time round.  Whatever; under a Labour led government coalition; the future for animals in the UK can only look much better !

Mark – (The Dogs Mouth !) .

dogs mouth

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