USA: Craig Speaks Out About Intensive Farming.





Photos – CIWF.

From the crew at CIWF here in the UK.

Contract chicken grower, Craig Watts, runs a factory farm.

He contacted Compassion because he was at breaking point. He needed to show us what his chickens were going through. And he was tired of the lies being sold to consumers. He needed our help.

By speaking out, Craig has risked his livelihood. He has been intimidated, harassed and bad-mouthed.

Some huge corporate producers seem to be giving their contract farmers little choice: farm inhumanely or you won’t be able to pay the bills.

Factory farming is a cruel, inefficient and unfair way of producing food. There is a better way. You know it, we know it, Craig knows it. Now let’s tell the world. Thank you.  

After 22 years of raising chickens for Perdue, one brave factory farmer Craig Watts was at his breaking point and did something no one has done before. He invited us, as farm animal welfare advocates, to his farm to film and tell his story.

Ask your supermarket for Better Chicken at  .

China / Vietnam: Please Support This Important Petition – Stop the Illegal Trade in Tiger Bone Paste.

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tiger petition may 15

Stop the Illegal Trade in
Tiger Bone Paste

Petition link:

author: Miriam O

target: Premier Li Keqiang’s of the People’s Republic of China! Chinese prime minister, known as Premier, Li Keqiang! Chinese Embassy in London!

signatures: 60,697

Tigers slaughtered to produce bone paste to fuel the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam! Please help.

Help save the last 3,200 wild tigers.

Help ban the tiger trade!

Tigers slaughtered to produce tiger bone paste! Unfortunately this is the grave reality for why tigers are being slaughtered to fuel the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese are using the bones of wild tigers to produce this paste which they use as a traditional pain killer. There is no scientific backing to show that any part of the tiger is beneficial to human ailments, yet so many of our wild big cats end up in this trade.

2015 is an important year for the tiger. Following intense discussions at CITES in July 2014 some very specific recommendations on tigers were adopted:
Countries are to ensure that their legislation prohibits domestic trade, including in parts of captive bred tigers.
It requires those who are currently trading to report the scale of that trade.
It requires countries to report on the volume of existing stockpiles.
It requires countries to destroy the bodies of deceased captive tigers.

By signing this petition you will help protect wild tigers by calling for an end to policies and practices that stimulate demand for tiger parts and products, and thus stimulate poaching. You will also be helping raise expectations with regards to the implementation of international resolutions and commitments and to stop stimulating the demand in domestic and wild tiger parts through compliance with international guidelines and resolutions (CITES, GTRP).

The stimulation of the demand of tiger products stems from these main sources: Tiger “farms” – Trade in parts and products of tigers that have been bred in captivity takes place in China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. In China domestic trade is legal and skins of captive bred tigers from “zoos” and “farms” can be traded as luxury home décor, so long as they have been bred legally, are processed by a licensed company and come with a government-issued permit.

In Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, trade in parts and products of captive-bred tigers is illegal. Tiger farming does NOT stop the illegal killing of wild tigers. In fact it has the opposite effect stimulating wider demand for tiger parts from ALL sources and undermining international efforts to put an end to the tiger trade.

USA: 7,400 animals slaughtered every single day across the U.S. by government agency called USDA “Wildlife Services”.



SAV Comment – we are proud to be pack members at PC – trying to defend the welfare of animals in the USA as well as those others in our homeland Europe.  Please support this with a donation if you are able – see link in text – thank you.


Dear Mark,

The numbers are shocking. Since 1996, Wildlife Services has shot, poisoned, and strangled 27 million native animals; in 2014 alone, Wildlife Services killed close to 3 million animals.

That’s 7,400 animals slaughtered every single day across the U.S.— not by hunters or poachers, but by a little known government agency called USDA “Wildlife Services” whose stated mission is “to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist.”

This killing is done largely at the behest of ranchers and agribusiness. The carnage costs U.S. taxpayers more than 100 million dollars each year.

Read more here:

But we are holding this rogue agency accountable! In response to legal pressure from Project Coyote, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and other allies, Mendocino County, CA officials recently agreed to suspend the renewal of the county’s contract with Wildlife Services pending a full review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). For the first time, this agency’s actions will be assessed under CEQA, requiring public disclosure of the full impact of this program on all wildlife- both target and non-target- and on the environment. Furthermore, non-lethal alternatives must be considered.

Representing our coalition, I am en route right now to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors meeting where I will present nonlethal approaches to coexisting with wildlife. I will speak of our successful model in Marin County – known as the Marin County Livestock and Wildlife Protection Program. It works. Since implementation 15 years ago, livestock losses and costs to the county have decreased; fewer wild species have been killed. Ranchers have embraced the cost-share program that provides guard animals, better fencing and other non-lethal predator deterrents. Joining me is Keli Hendricks, Project Coyote Predator Friendly Ranching Coordinator, who will talk about some of the innovative non-lethal tools and methods we are testing on ranches in Marin and Sonoma County.

Mendocino County is re-evaluating its contract with Wildlife Services, the federal government’s wildlife damage control agency. Despite increasing calls for reform, the agency reported killing 61,702 coyotes in 2014.”

Please read this excellent op-ed in the Sac Bee by Lee M. Talbot – Stopping the Slaughter of America’s Native Wildlife, one County at a Time– and help us continue this critical work to stop the killing, reform predator management, and promote coexistence by donating to Project Coyote today. We depend on individual donors to sustain our important work for North America’s wildlife.

Because of the generosity of a Project Coyote supporter in Marin County your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $12,000. Your donation will go directly toward our campaign to stop the slaughter of North America’s wildlife and to promote non-lethal alternatives to killing. Please help us meet this matching pledge!

Thank you always for your support,

Camilla H. Fox
Founder & Executive Director

P.S. ~ Every donation will be matched up to $12K. Please donate now!

Vietnam: Join Animals Asia With Live Updates Of Their First Sea Rescue.

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AA bear rescue 5 may 1

There is a lot to see from Animals Asia as they (today – 5/5/15) undertake the first sea rescue of 2 ex bile farm bears.  Please click on the links below to get a livetime update of the days happenings as they happen.. At the moment the bears have now made their boat journey and have arrived on the mainland. 

They will journey through the afternoon; stop overnight and then arrive at a new life at the sanctuary tomorrow – 6th May.

As always, a superbly professional series of updates from AA; keeping all their global friends and supporters updated all the time with what is happening.  Check it all out !

AA rescue boatAA may 5 3AA may 5 4

Join our Vietnam team on first sea rescue

BearSeaRescue Timeline

Two moon bears to be rescued from Vietnamese island

LIVE: The team have made it back to dry land with their precious moon bear cargo. So many stories today. Our most incredible rescue yet of Sam and Simon – on our founder Jill Robinson’s birthday. The last rescue for vet nurse Julie. The first for Toan – joining as part of the hort team.

For the tens of thousands of you who signed the petition to free the Halong Bay Bears. You did this. And this is just the start. There are 36 more bears coming.

  • bears loaded up and headed for Halong City where they’ll stop the night.

  • Sanctuary tomorrow.

12:31 PM – 5 May 2015

– bears won’t arrive in sanctuary till tomorrow but vet Joost looking happy:

12:22 PM – 5 May 2015

 AA may 5 happy vet 2

Dear Mark,

Please follow us as we embark on the rescue of two bears

– a male and female – from a remote island just north of Halong Bay, Vietnam on Tuesday, May 5.

The rescue from Ba Mun Island will be the first time our team has performed a rescue at sea, and without a doubt it will be our most challenging yet.

We’ve rescued over 120 bears in Vietnam, but have never faced a challenge like this one. The remote location, the potential dangers of travelling at sea, a lack of developed facilities and the potential poor health of the bears will make this a huge challenge.

The male bear is reported to be weak, with restricted movement, and clear scarring and an open wound on his back.

This rescue will be the first of many after the Quang Ninh authorities’ recent decision to transfer all 38 captive moon bears in the province to our rescue centre – making the province bear bile farm free. These bears include the last of the bears still trapped on bile farms at Halong Bay.

We can’t wait to get these two bears home to the care they so urgently need.

Join them on their journey to freedom on our website, Facebook or Twitter. And as you follow these lucky bears home, please consider giving a little to their rescue and recovery.

We hope to be back at our Tam Dao sanctuary by Wednesday afternoon.

We’d love you to come along on our journey.

Dr Tuan Bendixsen
Vietnam Director

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