The EU Have Drastically Failed The Animals Of Serbia – And They Let Non EU Members Dictate The Terms !!!

Short remark to all

What Slavica wrote is absolutely correct.

After the public hearing the law will be confirmed by the parliament and it is intended to become effective immediately in June. Everyone in Serbia told us the same and it is no surprise.

Once a Ministry has decided on the texting of a law the parliament will only confirm this – there hardly is any parliament in Europe that works differently – if they make changes to a draft it is usually a mealymouthed compromise.

It is only public pressure from the civil society that bring about real change.

Farm animals are allowed to be slaughtered without prior stunning. This is definitely against EU regulations.  Yet another EU failure !

Longer Terms I cannot imagine that the EU Parliament and the EU Commission can ignore this new Serbian law. No one can claim they did not know.

I and numerous others have sent out an information email on Serbia’s intended new law to all members of the European Parliament and Andreas Erler of Eurogroup for Animals.

No one can claim they did not know.

This new law comes at a very short notice and all we could do is get out the message and a Group of German, Serbian and Croatian animal protectors working in Serbia have put up three petitions in Serbian, English and German – that have so far gathered over 10.000 signatures.

Whatever ideas any of you have that we could further do, pls tell us. We are ready to help.

Kind regards


Send letters and mails of protest and utter disgust to the following:,,,,,,,,

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