Serbia: Sneska Enjoying All The Days She Has Remaining.

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As many of you already know, Sneska has a chronic kidney disease and has been showing symptoms of uremic stomatitis, which is a consequence of her primary disease, since the beginning of summer.

Over the last few months she has been given painkillers almost every day as it was the only way to keep her pain free and able to eat; unfortunately, we can do nothing to cure her CKD and make her healthy again. After her UV scan which showed what bad shape her kidneys were in, the vet wasn’t very optimistic and lately he seems almost surprised she is still hanging on.

However, we’ve been wondering for quite some time if we are doing her a favor or torturing her trying to prolong her life, albeit with the best intentions. She is not happy for a myriad of reasons: firstly, she is essentially an outdoor cat who adores the sun and is aching to be free, but she’s been imprisoned inside the house for over a year, for her own good. Secondly, she’s been pricked countless times over the months just because we wanted to ease the pain in her mouth so she could chew and swallow her food to stay alive; the result is that she started to shun humans, which is something she has never done before. It’s a fact that many cats with CKD can live out their lives without ever reaching kidney failure, but Sneska is at least 14 years old already and besides, what’s the point of life without joy?

Little by little, she became a wretched, sad, tormented creature, totally hopeless, utterly unhappy and that’s the exact opposite of what we wanted to achieve.

Long story short, for good or for bad, we made the decision to let her live whatever time she has left the way she wants – in the yard, together with her companions of 14 years, soaking up the sun, running through the early morning frost, climbing the roof, scratching trees, with no meds and no fear.

And that’s what she’s been doing since Saturday, more vivacious and happier than she has been in a long time. Instead of spending her days all contorted and miserable, she is finally the light-legged, swift, curious, proud Sneska who is holding her head up high, the one we have known, respected and adored over all of these years.

Each new day is a gift for her, she’s living it with absolute intensity, with a heart full of joy; when the time comes she will be ready to leave with no regrets and another star will appear in the dark night sky.

Run and shine now, our precious Sneska, run like there’s no tomorrow and always remember how much we love you.


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