Germany: 20 Million Pigs Live and Die for Nothing Every Year.


(Farmer quote) „It all comes down to how much pork I can produce on 1 sq. meter of stable space”. (a farmer earns between EUR 5-10.- per animal; so is dependent on EU subsidy for survival)

Germany produces a huge surplus – the EU finances this with billions; the German agricultural ministry, upon inquiry, sees no need to change anything about the status quo and existing subsidy system that washes billions into the pockets of the “pork barons”.

A third of meat and meat products being produced in Germany lands on the rubbish

*** – that is, 20 million pigs live and die for nothing every year. ***

Greenwashing via new (animal welfare) label.

The German “Tierschutzbund” (Germany’s largest Animal welfare organisation) has joined forces with meat producers (here specifically pork) to market meat under a new welfare label of theirs:

Sadly, the reality is no different from conventional. Both VION (the international meat producing corporation) and the Tierschutzbund, when confronted with recent undercover footage from VION’s all-is-well example farm (start of video), went into instant denial. VION even refused to view the footage and declined a request for an interview with the journalists.

Duck “production” in Germany.

Conditions, despite clear EU regulations demanding more space and access to water, are dismal. Animals often end up on their backs toward the end of their mast period and cannot raise again, causing them to die slowly of dehydration.

One of the two involved companies, “Wichmann”, declined to comment. “Wiesenhof”, Germany poultry giant, declared the farm subjected to an unannounced audit and subsequently closed. “Wiesenhof” has been in the news a lot in the last two years, with numerous counts of massive animal abuse.

The German minister of agriculture, when approached, did not feel any changes to the system were necessary. The state authority of Niedersachsen, where the footage was taken, was not available for an interview.          








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