South Africa: First Fruits Bull Killing Competition – Petition – Please Sign.


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During the First Fruits Festival that occurs every December in South Africa, teenage boys as young as 14 years old are tasked with killing a bull.

About 40 teens reportedly force sand or mud down a bull’s throat, gouge his eyes out, and twist his genitals before kicking and beating him to death.

Then they tear apart his flesh—all with their bare hands.

The fear and suffering that this bull will experience and the psychological damage these teens will be sure to endure is unimaginable.

And for what?!

Teaching children to be callous and violent killers has no place in any country’s traditions.


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2 Responses

  1. South Africa is violent enough without creating a nation of psychopaths

  2. I do not think that the future belongs to the children.
    I am firmly convinced that the higher the number of inhabitants of this earth is, the worse it is for life and the future of the animals.
    We have become too many and we live 100% at the expense of the animals.
    All around the world.

    For every child that is born, loses every day at least one animal his life.
    In slaughterhouses, in fur farms, in laboratories, in the forests of Indonesia, in the new settlement which we build, because we need new homes …
    Because the new people need their meat, their milk, their fur, their homes, the victim and life of animals here and everywhere.

    That’s what we mean when we say: “I want a better future for my child”!
    That the new people eat more meat than I do, wear more fur, their new kitchen must come only from the wood of native forests, and more and more exciting entertainment with animals …

    We live 100% at the expense of the animals.
    And the more we are, the more animal suffering there will be.
    This logic is very simple.
    Whether the boys in South Africa kill the bull with their bare hands, because they find it fun and we Europeans order it in the restaurant because we find it a delicacy, does not change much on the misery of overpopulated Earth.
    We have become too many.
    And therefore are also crimes and killings against animals more and more brutal.

    So, anyone who wants to enrich this planet with his own offspring should think twice.
    Today more than ever, it is politically incorrect to make children.

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