Your Voice Has Been Heard Helping To Save Orangutans.

palm oil 2

Believe us, sometimes when you spend ages constantly going through and signing petitions; you often ask yourself if it really worth doing.  We know, we often feel the same.  So here is some brilliant news that is a direct consequence of a petition – one that relates to palm oil and saving the lives of the wonderful orangutans.

Read and celebrate – a victory you have achieved through asking the right questions ! – SAV.

2015 – Awesome news & update! 🙂

Nutella are on our safe list.

They have gone above and beyond any other brand in the world, not only are they using 100% certified sustainable palm oil, they can also track all of it back to the source and ensure that it is not coming from areas that have been recently deforested.

They are also not sourcing any of their palm oil from Indonesia, therefore they are not threatening the survival of orangutans.

Thank you all for making Nutella Safe!

Find out just how eco friendly many of your daily products are

– click on the link below.

Please see UCS for more information and other products…

palm oil 3

palm oil greenpeace uk

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