Various News and Petitions.

We have a selection of things here; and have included under one post rather than split into individuals.  Some are just news snippets; others petitions etc.

Rescued dog saves others by donating blood –




Do the world a huge favour – eat Ant and Dec! – for non UK supporters; they (Ant and Dec) are the alleged hosts of the series !

Stop Killing and Eating Live Animals on TV

Animals are being killed, abused and even eaten alive on a popular TV show.

Urge the show’s creators to stop harming and killing sentient creatures for the sake of entertainment.


Dear Mark

Last month you took action and called on the Scottish Government to close the loopholes and ban fox hunting for good. Over 2000 people did the same.

Meanwhile the OneKind team lobbied officials and whipped up the public debate online and in the press. Did you see any of the press coverage?

If not check out this fantastic article that appeared in the Herald at the start of the hunting season.

Together, we dialled up the pressure, and the Government had to respond.  We’ve been told to expect an announcement by the end of the year of an official review of the Act that was meant to have banned fox hunting. This review will then report its recommendations back to Government after the election in May and we hope it will then lead to new legislation going through Parliament. That means the next Parliament could finally end hunting with dogs for good – not just of foxes, but hares and other mammals too.

This is worth a little celebration. If we hadn’t made our voice heard, we could well have ended up with a superficial review and there would be little hope for a real ban. But it’s also the beginning of a long battle. The hunters will do everything they can to oppose change, but we believe that with the help of people like you, we will win.

Follow our campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for helping us to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals.

Harry, Libby & the OneKind Team – Scotland.




Petition – Pulse trawling kills indiscriminately


tanker jungle

Nicaragua: NO to the mega-canal through the rainforest!

Dear Friends,

I just signed the petition “Review the lenient sentences handed down for the torture of Chunky the chihuahua” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Thank you! – Trudi.



Stop Torturing Pigs to Death




ban fur 1

Today, Respect for Animals director Mark Glover presented our new scientific report, entitled ‘The Case Against Fur Factory Farming: A Scientific Review of Animal Welfare Standards and WelFur’, at the European Parliament in Strasburg. 

This report strikes right at the heart of the fur trade’s claims of ‘high animal welfare’ and explicitly exposes the extent of animal suffering that will occur under the ‘WelFur’ programme.

The document is an example of how Respect for Animals take on the fur trade in the most effective ways possible: by campaigning with policy makers and using robust science.

We will be sending copies of it to all officials and politicians in the EU as well as to legislatures of all the member states. Hopefully the report will provide the ever increasing numbers of opponents to fur farming with more ammunition with which to fight and end this callous cruelty in their own countries.

The backlash from the fur trade is likely to be strong, but you can help end this cruel industry by contacting your MEPs (click here to find out how) or by donating to support Respect for Animals’ work.

Please visit our website: to read the report and find out more.

Rescue Eagle Abused By Violent Soccer Fans




Urge Z Gallerie to Ditch Down Bedding and Pillows!

Z Gallerie stuffs many of its decorative accent pillows and bedding offerings with down feathers, which often come from birds who either are force-fed for the cruel production of foie gras or are live-plucked.

Force-feeding is a painful process in which birds have tubes rammed down their throats and their stomachs pumped so full of corn mush that their livers swell to as much as 10 times their normal size. Foie gras producers boost their profits by selling the feathers from these force-fed birds.


A Look Inside the Angora Fur Industry

Graphic video footage shown – but a must be seen to see the cruelty involved.

angora rabbit

As shoppers and retailers gear up for the busiest shopping time of the year, PETA Asia is unveiling a never-before-seen look into the cruel angora fur industry. The undercover footage reveals routine cruelty to angora rabbits, whose long, soft fur is in high demand for sweaters and accessories.


The following includes video and petition


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