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Watch the video below to see the reality:




1 850 dogs are to be killed and 1 550 more dogs are to be caught. The horror begins and it’s going to get even much worse than we feared.

As we now had to learn, the mayor of Giurgiu has set up a contract for the new veterinarian of the shelter. A contract whose content is so cruel that we can hardly grasp it and describe it. On January 9, 2017 the call-out period will end and the position of the veterinarian of the shelter will be assigned newly. This job will include catching 1 550 street-dogs in 2017. For 550 dogs the use of narcotics for the procedure of capturing is authorized. As you already know, the city’s animal shelter is so overcrowded and contaminated with the current 1 100 dogs already that heavy bites leading to death and cannibalism occur on a daily basis.

As a solution to this problem they want to kill 1 850 dogs (!!!) in 2017. We can prove that we were personally assured by the mayor Nicolae Barbu, that if some dogs were to be killed, then only sick and aggressive dogs and only in a small number. 1 850 dogs just in 2017 is quite far from a “low” number.
The authorities are not interested in whether the next not-castrated packs will soon be on the roads to replace the dogs, leading to an endless killing circle. 1 850 dogs are to be killed, that’s completely legal. It shows clearly that if the killing of a living being is permitted by the law, there will always be people who do not hesitate to kill unscrupulously, instead of choosing alternatives.

The city claims to have no money to feed the dogs. For 2.5 years we have been paying these costs every day, but now the city has 85,000 € for killing 1 850 dogs and supposedly chipping, vaccinating and castrating further 1 550 dogs at the expense of the city?

We strongly doubt that a proper use of the financial resources will now take place, apart from the killing, just look at the current conditions as you can see them in our photo album.


If we dare to speak of corruption or if someone criticizes the mayor or Mr. Palalau, the city official responsible for this action, in a way that is seen as offensive, they threaten to take legal action against us.


Both are very concerned about their reputation. Please be careful when you comment on the pages of the city or write to the mayor, and take care that you do that in a way that is not offensive, but please do not stop writing and asking for the stop of these gruesome plans.

This announcement shows terrifyingly clear that the city has been lying to us regarding the promises “we do not want to kill masses” (there were talking of 30 dogs per month).

And it clearly shows us that they just want one thing: kill in peace.
We have to go about it loudly, show that there is a different way. Even one that would not be more expensive. And that they do not want to go this other way.
We will not be able to prevent the contract from entering into force, but it may have terrible consequences. If Funi is out, someone else will castrate. For sure we can still get dogs out of the shelter. BUT: Only castrated dogs are allowed to leave the shelter.


That is, all new dogs are going to be castrated by the new vet. Will he be well-qualified for that? Can we rely on the dogs being vaccinated if their documents say so? Is he going to use the cheapest microchips? All this will be something we will be confronted with in addition to the killing and it is terrible.

If a veterinarian refuses to carry out the killings, he will be at risk of paying high penalties as a consequence of that, and only a veterinarian who has signed the killing plan is eligible to become the new shelter veterinarian.
The massacre begins. Only medial attention has the chance of still changing something now. Media or well-known people from the public who can move the masses with their No to the killings. Alone we are helpless and apart from a few newspapers so far unfortunately hardly anyone has been interested in the fate of these dogs. We continue being there and getting dogs out. Every trip to Giurgiu will also be a painful farewell for our members, a farewell to the many dogs that will be killed before the next visit.

Of course, we have been wondering whether we should end the help in the shelter completely, whether we should end our visits there, but we do not want to do that.

If we cannot change that their lives are ended by human hands, then the least we can do is making sure that at least once in their life they have felt love, a little caressing, a nice word, a single good moment in life, the last service we can provide to our beloved dogs. We will not run away from our responsibility. Our love for these dogs and the many people in Romania who fight for them every day cannot be destroyed by the killings.

We will continue to fight for every single life. Please help us and share this post. This madness has to go around the world and must not be done secretly. There are no words to describe how terrible our fear for these wonderful dogs is.


If your organization is able to rescue or adopt dogs from the public shelter please write us:

privat message to DsN e. V. Tierschutz für alle or
E-Mail to



Der Schnee hat die Lage für die Hunde im Public Shelter Giurgiu zusätzlich verschlimmert. Die Wassernäpfe sind eingefroren, die Böden voller Hundekot und Urin. Wenigstens unser Futter scheint weiterhin verteilt zu werden.

Heute endet die Ausschreibungsfrist für den Tierarzt. Heute entscheidet sich welcher Tierarzt der Henker dieser Hunde wird. 1850 Hunde sollen 2017 insgesamt durch den neuen Tierarzt getötet werden. Gesunde Hunde ohne medizinischen Grund. 1550 neue Hunde sollen zudem von den Straßen gefangen werden. Egal ob sie kastriert sind egal ob sie an Futterstellen versorgt werden, egal ob es Welpen sind die auf die Rückkehr ihrer Mutter warten. Der Shelter wird wieder zu dem was er vor uns war, ein Tötungslager!!

So viele Organisationen haben wir um Hilfe gebeten, wenigstens einen Hund zu retten und aufzunehmen doch leider kann kaum jemand helfen.

Wenn ihr nur EINEN freien Platz für einen dieser armen Seelen habt, oh bitte, bitte meldet euch bei uns. Wenn nicht, bitte teilt diesen Beitrag vielleicht ist in eurer Liste jemand, der doch helfen kann. Die Tötung wird bald beginnen und wir haben keine Chance sie zu verhindern.

Die Hunde sind gegen Parasiten behandelt, gechippt, geimpft und kastriert. Sagt uns welche Hunde ihr euch wünscht, bestimmte Rassemixe? klein, groß, jung, alt? Wenn es Hunde sein sollen die wir schon vom Charakter beschreiben sollen, ist auch das möglich, dann bereiten wir euch Hunde von der Farm vor und holen direkt wieder einen Schwung aus dem Shelter raus.

Wir sind für alle Möglichkeiten offen. Bitte helft uns.

Das verzweifelte Team von DsN e.V.


eMail an:
oder per PN an: DsN e. V. Tierschutz für alle



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