Serbia: Can You Give A Warm, Loving Forver Home to This Weary Traveller or Some of His Friends ? – Check Out the Links Below.




This weary traveller has walked a lot, hungry, thirsty and very sick.

He appeared in the front of the shelter, could not stand on the rear legs.

He got a dog house and received a therapy every day. He is well.

Now he got a new friend, little puppy 3 months old. They sleep together 🙂

Please HELP to find a new home for this great boy and little puppy!




Ovaj umorni putnik je hodao mnogo, gladan, zedan i veoma bolestan. Pojavio se ispred azila izgladneo, nije mogao da stoji na zadnjim nogama. Dobio je svoju kućicu i redovno primao terapije. Sada je dobro i dobio je malu drugaricu, Štene starosti 3 meseca. Spavaju zajedno u kućici 🙂
Molimo vas pomozite da ipronađemo novi dom za ovog velikog dečka i malu devojčicu!



Can you help find this weary traveller a new, forever, loving warm home ?

Check out the following Links for a lot more:štvo-za-zaštitu-životinja-Mladenovac-Shelter-Mladenovac-217170524966212/štvo-za-zaštitu-životinja-Mladenovac-Shelter-Mladenovac-217170524966212/photos/?ref=page_internal




Please give us both a warm, forever home – Thank you.


More – a new and very scared puppy is rescued from the roadside – he also needs a forever home.


Only the greatest evil of man can leave an animal where there is no way to survive, where is struggling and dying for days! This poor little fella. He was lucky to see him.

Watch the video of his rescue here:





4 Responses

  1. Shared with love.

    • Thanks to everyone who has visited us to read about this – and then passed the info on to others.
      Information changes things – It will not happen immediately, but in the end, Romania will learn that it is doing wrong; and it will then do right !

  2. Ne bih mogla nazvati ljudima ,sadiste koji mogu tako ostaviti bespomoćno štene! Nažalost …

    • Translation of Vera comment –

      I could not call people, sadists who can leave her helpless puppy! Unfortunately …

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