Germany: Take Action To Stop ‘Shark City’ – The Biggest In Europe – Sample Letter To Copy And Send.




I was informed by an animal protection organization that a shark aquarium is planned in Sinsheim. Sinsheim has 35,000 inhabitants and is located in the south of Germany.

An investor wants to build the biggest shark aquarium in Europe: “Shark City”.

Dives in the basins are planned, but also a so-called touch pool for touching the animals.



My first thought was: in which century do these cave-men live? But with thoughts we can not save animals, actions maybe more helpful!

I wrote and sent this letter to the mayor.

If someone wants to protest, can also send the same letter. The more the better.







Please copy the letter (preferably the German version) and send to the Mayor as soon as possible.  Please ensure you state your nationality so that he is aware of the worldwide attention on this issue.

Thank you – SAV



(The English version)



Dear Lord Mayor, I have just learned that the city of Sinsheim plans a shark aquarium. The first thought was: in which century do these people live? Worldwide is growing the criticism of the keeping from wild animals in captivity.

In the last few years, seven dolphinariums have closed in Germany alone, zoos are scarcely gaining more visitors and survive only on the basis of state subventions. And your city intends to build a “Shark City”?

Sharks are highly developed and extremely intelligent animals. Keeping these animals in an aquarium is –polite formulated-ethically intolerable.

It is well-known, depending on the sensitivity of the shark species, that many animals die already during the catch or during the transport. And even those who are living in a “basins of  Sinsheim” certainly do not have a high life expectancy. Wild caught animals often die within a year.

It is also known that there are no offspring in many species of sharks that live in captivity. The operators of “Shark City” will have to resort to wild catches, they have already admitted. Are you informed about this all?

A necessity for the construction of such a shameful large aquarium  does not exist-except to save money on suffering of the animals. And not even that is certain. Such a business is not contemporary, nor a sign of a progressive city.

I ask you immediately to prevent the construction of “Shark City”.

Best regards

(Name, Nationality)

The-mail-adress to Mayor:


(The German version)



Sehr geehrter Herr Oberbürgermeister,

ich habe gerade erfahren, dass die Stadt Sinsheim ein Hai-Aquarium plant.

Der erste Gedanke war: in welchem Jahrhundert leben diese Leute?

Weltweit wächst die Kritik an der Haltung von Wildtieren in Gefangenschaft.

In den letzten Jahren haben allein in Deutschland sieben Delfinarien geschlossen, Zoos bekommen kaum Besucher mehr und überleben nur aufgrund staatlicher Zuschüsse.

Und Ihre Stadt beabsichtigt eine „Shark-City“ zu bauen?

Haie sind hochentwickelte und äußerst intelligente Tiere.

Diese Tiere in einem Aquarium zu halten ist -höflich formuliert- ethisch untragbar.

Es ist hinlänglich bekannt, dass je nach Empfindlichkeit der Hai-Art, viele Tiere bereits beim Fang oder während des Transports sterben .

Und auch die, die lebend in den Becken eines Sinsheim Beckens ankommen werden, haben mit Sicherheit keine hohe Lebenserwartung.

Wild gefangene Tiere sterben oft schon innerhalb eines Jahres.

Ebenfalls bekannt ist, dass es bei vielen Hai-Arten in Gefangenschaft keine Nachzuchten gibt.

Die Betreiber von „Shark City“ werden daher auf Wildfänge zurückgreifen müssen, das haben sie auch bereits eingestanden.

Sind Sie überhaupt darüber informiert?

Eine Notwendigkeit für den Neubau eines solchen beschämenden Großaquariums-außer Geld machen auf Kosten der Tiere- gibt es nicht.

Und nicht einmal das ist sicher.

So ein Geschäft ist nicht zeitgemäß, noch ein Zeichen einer fortschrittlich denkenden Stadt.

Ich bitte Sie umgehend, den Bau von „Shark-City” zu verhindern.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

(Name, Nationalität)

Die mail-adresse  des Bürgermeisters:


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  1. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

    • Thanks for your help Nancy – it is important that we get lots of letters in to the Mayor early to protest about this other form of ‘Seaworld’ – not the same people but the concept is just the same. Touch pools ? – will this not put real stress on these magnificent animals ?

      Regards Mark.

      • My pleasure Mark, it also went out on my Twitter account, I don’t have many followers, but the ones I do, have a lot of followers, l hope they retweet and many that follow my blog post it on their Facebook. SeaWorld is losing money and they’re about to close their doors, hopefully the smaller ones, even in other countries well go down to, sharks do not well in this type of environment that usually die. Thank you Mark for posting this and giving us the opportunity to let our voices be heard. let’s hope 2017 will be much better for the animals…. Blessings to you in the New Year ❣

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