Serbia: Urgent Appeal To Help Starys In Bor – It Is 25 Degrees Below Freezing and They Need Help – People Are Ready But Need Donations Thank You.


This is an urgent appeal to provide protection and help to the strays of Bor.  Temperatures have currently reached minus 25 degrees and it may get worse.  Stray animals desperately need help – people are ready to help them, and currently are, but they need extra donations for food.  Give what you can thank you – SAV.


Unfortunately the winter in Bor, Eastern Serbia, is cruel, icy, as in Siberia.

According to the weather forecast the worst is yet to come, and thus the greatest anguish and dread for stray dogs.  It is estimated that in Bor there are around 1,000 stray dogs from which most of them are helpless: puppies, bitches with puppies, old or injured dogs, and all of them are unprotected during this ´´ice age´´.

Few  good people volunteer and offered to set up dog houses with straw all over the city, the greater the number, the better.

That is why they need YOU good people to help them to realize the idea.

Please donate even a few euros, no amount is little!


Please give anything you can – even a small donation helps the animals.


To donate visit  




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