South Africa: Farmed For Their Bones. Please Take Action Now !




Dear Mark — Founder ‘Serbian Animals Voice’,

On lion farms across South Africa, lions are bred to be killed and exploited.

The cubs are used in a tourist trade of “eco-petting” and “lion walks” to support these breeding centers. When the cubs outgrow their “cute and cuddly” stage, they’re killed — either in “canned” hunts for trophies or for their hides and bones.

South African officials want to provide a stamp of approval by issuing an export quota for 800 lion skeletons every year.



Please urge them to stop this.

The crushed up bones of various big cats are in high demand in Asia, where they are used to make tonics such as “tiger wine.” Consumers mistakenly believe this cures pain and disease, or works as an aphrodisiac, but no scientific evidence supports these claims.


The lions caught up in this cruel industry never experience being lions. They’re confined behind fences, in tiny camps often in completely abnormal social groups, for their entire lives. They’re often malnourished and forced to live in small spaces littered with their own waste.

Not a single captive-bred lion has ever been successfully released into the wild. These poor animals are then shot and killed for profit. You only have a short amount of time to act. 



Please call on the South African government to shut down this appalling exploitation by not allowing any lion skeleton or bone exports!

Thank you for caring about animals.

Sincerely, Andrew Rowan

President and CEO Humane Society International.






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