India: Animals Facing An Agonising Ordeal.




Next month, thousands of rural villagers in India will travel to the Chinchali Fair, a four-day festival celebrating the goddess Mayakka Devi. But for bullocks, horses, and ponies, the journey will be nothing to celebrate.

They will pull heavy carts hundreds of miles along rutted roads, their muscles straining every step of the way.

Many will endure this gruelling trip without rest or even the most basic care – and to force them to move faster, particularly as they tire, many will be beaten or whipped along the way. The journey for them will be painful, and some will die before it ends.

In 2016, Animal Rahat spared more than 1,300 animals this ordeal. Your urgently needed gift to PETA today can help Animal Rahat reach even more animals during this year’s fair.



Your support will give us the resources that we need in order to help Animal Rahat provide injured animals with free veterinary care and relieve animals from the torment of illegal devices. As pictured below, many bullocks sustain neck wounds from yoke spikes or endure the sharp pain of metal nose wires. But at Animal Rahat’s camps, these awful items are confiscated immediately and any resulting wounds are treated. Last year, more than 300 animals were provided with vital medical care.

In addition to offering care and protection to the animals who are forced to make the journey, Animal Rahat provides buses to transport people to Chinchali so that the animals can stay home and rest while their owners celebrate. This year, the group’s other plans for the fair include the following:

Compulsory rest camps with food and clean drinking water for animals will be set up, and travellers will be invited to stop and rest their animals. Last year, Animal Rahat set up three such camps along the routes to the fair and one on-site treatment camp at the event itself – providing almost 4,000 horses, ponies, and bullocks with food, water, and much-needed respite.

Animal Rahat team members will work with local police to ensure that anti-cruelty laws are enforced.

They will confiscate whips, chains, and other illegal devices. Last year alone, more than 200 such items were collected.

Animals suffering from wounds, dehydration, lameness, or other maladies and forms of abuse will be provided with emergency medical treatment.

The bus service will be publicised by hiring performers to stage street plays in numerous villages in advance of the fair in order to show that travelling with Animal Rahat would prevent their animals from suffering.

Billboards will be posted along the routes to show which animal practices are punishable offences under the law.

Your donation to PETA today will help Animal Rahat come to the aid of thousands of working animals during the Chinchali Fair, spare hundreds more the arduous journey by providing motorised transportation, and strengthen the group’s vital work for animals in India throughout the year.

Through the compassion of kind people like you, Animal Rahat is changing people’s minds and improving animals’ lives.

Ingrid E Newkirk



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