USA: Trumps Decision To Revive Pipeline Results In 600,000 Gallon Oil Spill – Petition – Take Action.


Company Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil Into the Environment – Demand Punishment




TargetKen Paxton, Texas Attorney General

GoalHold Enbridge accountable for a massive oil spill that has irreversibly polluted the environment.

A 600,000 gallon oil spill recently burst forth from the Seaway Pipeline in Blue Ridge, Texas — ominously following Donald Trump’s decision to revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. Oil spills of this magnitude serve as an important reminder that fossil fuels, and the infrastructure that accompanies them, should no longer be considered a viable energy option. Demand that Enbridge, the company responsible, be punished for this terrible spill.

Sadly, this latest accident apparently marks the second oil spill from the Seaway Pipeline since it began operating just under a year ago. Enbridge, which is a half-owner of the Seaway Pipeline, also holds a share of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). One of the key points in the case against DAPL has been the risk of contamination to local water sources if the pipeline were to leak or malfunction — this recent event with Seaway Pipeline goes to show just how justified these concerns are.

The cause of the spill is still unknown. Despite this being the pipeline’s second spill, Enbridge said it will be conducting clean-up as fast as possible for operations to resume. It’s obvious that this pipeline is unsafe and poses a danger to the environment and nearby communities. Companies like Enbridge cannot continue to profit at the expense of our Earth.

Demand Enbridge be charged for this oil spill, and that the Seaway Pipeline be shut down immediately.




Dear Attorney General Paxton,

Oil pipelines have repeatedly proven to be a danger to the environment and the communities that surround them. A 600,000 gallon oil spill in your state, apparently the second in less than a year from Seaway Pipeline, will be devastating to the environment. The companies responsible for these catastrophic events must be held accountable.

Enbridge cannot continue to operate and build pipelines, in the name of short-term profits, when the accidents and environmental impacts will affect our planet for years to come. I demand that you penalize Enbridge for this spill, and order the immediate shutdown of Seaway Pipeline.


[Your Name Here]



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