The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.


Update 13/2/17 – Jean Claude Junker; ‘Mr EU’; Is Now Quitting.

Very welcomed by many EU citizens who HAVE NOT BEEN LISTENED TO by him and all of his Commission mates.  Why have we in the animal welfare lobby been completely IGNORED by Junker and Co when we have shown all the evidence of abuses of EU animals exported live to Turkey for example.

For example – here is just some of the evidence which you and Mr Van Goethem have IGNORED, and failed to act upon:


Do you think that people go through hell to get this evidence (above) just as some crappy joke ?   –  No. they do it with the hope that people like you will act.


Mr Junker; you have had your day; you have not listened and acted for the better – so we welcome your removal with open arms – Bye !


This above is INACTION by Junker and his Commission mates.

EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection of animals during transport’

WHAT A JOKE you could say; but there is nothing funny about it !


Above – Another busy day at the EU headquarters.


The Social Democratic Party of Germany nominates Martin Schultz as chancellor candidate for the upcoming elections.

You get the useless President of the European Parliament (Schultz) out of his post and give him the chance to prove his entire incapacity this time as a chancellor.
The fact that the Schultz did not even have a high school diploma and is still nominated as chancellor, wonders no one.
Meanwhile, all know that almost none of the EU deputies has ever done a decent job in his life.

Soon all those who now receive a fortune as a salary for doing nothing will remain unemployed.
They will be fired.

The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.

The EU has failed!
Greece, Portugal and Ireland cannot survive within the euro.
And whoever thinks that gloomy financial forecasts affect only these countries will soon be disappointed.

If someone had said 10 years ago, that UK leaves the EU, the EU officials would have laughed.

Today it is reality and no one laughs.

In this way, the British have shown the way to democracy and independence.
It will not be the last member leaving the EU, that’s fact!
Unjustified officials who have not been elected lead the EU institution that day by day contribute to the destruction of democracy.
People no longer want this destroying model of Europe.

These people are demonstrating on the streets that legislation and agreements should be respected and that democracy must not be destroyed.


And in animal protection in Europe, it does not look any better.
This non-functioning institution regards crime, corruption, exploitation against animals as trivial.
Since the EU has been there, the misery of humans and animals has increased.
Thousands or even millions of people have expressed petitions during the last 5 years to end the misery of animals on highways, laboratories, shelters, slaughterhouses.

Without accepting the truth about the massive and documented droughts, the EU officials and “leaders” have spoken and worked against the welfare of the animals.
And thus also against the laws adopted by themselves.


We, animal protectionists, have been looking for talks with those responsible, we have begged that EU laws and Regulations are respected, and have always been treated as annoying enemies.

Why is the EU doing as if things are going well?
Because the officials do not want to lose their well-paid jobs.
Because when the truth comes to light, Junker, Barroso, Van Goethem, Andriukaitis and Co. will become unemployed after the next EU elections.
All those who sit there and claim to be the huts of democracy and animal welfare will all be fired.
I wish it and I will fight for it.


with Regards to you, dear Mark and to all!






 SAV Comment:

Very true Venus – for years and years we have attempted to show ‘EU officials’ where animal welfare is going wrong.  We have provided both written and video evidence – Animal suffering in Serbia – an EU ‘Candidate County’.  We have told the EU that Serbia is non compliant with the ‘Rule of Law’ – the basic requirement for any new member state to even be considered for EU membership.  We have shown all the evidence on the factory farms of the EU, the endless abuses.  We have provided video evidence of non compliance with ‘EU Regulations’ protecting (Ha !) animals during their suffering on the roads of the EU; and especially going to Turkey.  Mr Van Goethem holds up his hands and says that he can do nothing; despite being an official at the EU !

Europe is on the brink and Junker is making sure that he gets out in time so that his ‘expertise in failure’ can be used (and paid very richly for no doubt) elsewhere.

Here are just a few media links of the past week to show what utter crisis all the top officials are leaving the EU in.  EU officials who have NEVER listened to the people of the EU.  Now they are at crisis point because of their ignorance; a ‘brink’ that they will possibly not be able to recover from.  And the worst part – citizens of the EU states will suffer because of these over self opinionated idiots !

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