England: Remembering Jill – Killed By Live Animal Exporters – 1/2/95.


Remembering Jill who died today in 1995 whilst trying to stop live calves from being exported from the UK.















See Jill’s film (4 Parts) – Note that this film is now several years old, and many issues have changed; some for the better, some are still as they were and some, well, have possibly declined even more !

But a small insight into the ways of the British animal rights activist.


Part 1 – http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9062786490002108922#

Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XubIUrWJ7ro

Part 3 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1jOLviy15w

Part 4 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7dvQpOd3vc&feature=related



UK: Drinks Giant Coca Cola Is Lobbying AGAINST Bottle Deposit Return Scemes – Are They Happy to Pollute and Kill Wildlife ?

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Action – Petition link – https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/bottle-deposit?source=em&subsource=20170131ocem01&utm_source=gpeace&utm_medium=em&utm_campaign=20170131ocem01&tysource={{promocode}}

EXPOSED: An investigation has just uncovered that drinks giant Coca Cola is lobbying against deposit return schemes in the UK. [1]

In the UK alone we use 35 million plastic bottles every day and as many as 16 million of these go un-recycled – ending up on our beaches, in landfill and in our oceans.

Please sign to show your support for bottle deposit return schemes:


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Deposit return schemes are not a new idea, but they can take us a step closer to tackling the unprecedented problem of ocean plastic pollution. The concept is simple – when you buy a bottled drink you pay a little bit extra, and when you return the bottle, you get your money back. The more bottles returned, the more can be reused or recycled – reducing the amount that end up polluting our oceans.



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Similar schemes in other countries have been shown to boost the amount of bottles that are collected to a whopping 98% – so we know they can have a huge impact. Plastic is killing our oceans

please sign the petition to show your support and help fight back against plastic pollution:



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England: New Report On Live Animal Transport Shows The EU and UK Authorities Are Failing In Their Obligations To ‘Protect’ Animals During Transport.

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Please find above a link to a new report by CIWF that shows that there is very little enforcement of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the so called ‘protection of animals during transport’ by UK and thus EU authorities (UK is currently a member state of the EU – so it all fails !).

It’s powerful stuff, copy send it and invite publication anywhere you think it will do good.  We are starting with Mr Van Goethem at the EU; as we have said so many times; the EU talk of regulations; but in reality, such as with EU animal exports to Turkey; the likes of Mr Van Goethem show no inclination to do anything about animal suffering which is recorded and documented by welfare groups who are on the road; and not stuck in cosy EU offices like Mr Van Goethem.

This report makes it clear that UK authorities are not doing enough to enforce the regulation; as with the EU authorities who just don’t give a damn about any of it; which begs the question ‘why do they exist ?’ – could we not direct our EU financial contributions into an effective force rather than to departments who have people like Mr Van Goethem – those who do nothing.

Please share this post and report to whoever yopu consider may find it useful.

Until the EU takes REAL action rather than just spouting its utterly useless mouth off about ‘EU Regulations’, we will continue to show them up for what they are – a waste !

It could be argued one of the reasons why today, 1/2/17, the UK parliament will be voting to start the implementation of triggering Article 50 to LEAVE the EU.  A nation of people fed up with EU weasel words which mean nothing in reality.

Here for example is what we mean – watch the videos of evidence and then question why the EU and Mr Van Goethem say that they cannot do anything.  They are a disgrace !








We have sent the above to Mr Van Goethem at the EU – here is confirmation that it has been rec’d:

Your message

   To: VAN GOETHEM Bernard (SANTE)

Subject: More Evidence for you to do yet more ‘nothing’ about !!
Sent: 01 February 2017 13:13:58 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 01 February 2017 14:14:00 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.