EU Citizens: Take Action and Add Your Name To Call for a Ban on Glyphosate Weedkiller.


Wow — An amazing 611,000 people across Europe have already signed the official Stop Glyphosate petition (ECI). Thank you!

For the European Citizens Initiative to have teeth, it has to be backed by at least one million EU citizens, coming from at least 7 out of the 28 member states. Can you please share the link today?


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Dear Friends, 

I signed an official petition (a European Citizens Initiative) calling for a ban on glyphosate weedkiller, a trustworthy pesticide approval procedure, and EU-wide targets to cut pesticide use.

We need 1-million signatures. A successful ECI guarantees us a right to a public hearing in the European Parliament, and compels the European Commission in Brussels to spell out what action it will take in response.

This is a special online petition only for people old enough to vote in European Parliament elections, including the UK.


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April 4th: International Day of Stray Animals.


 Deutsch and English


  1. 4th April: Internationaler Tag für Streunerhunde

Seit mehreren Jahren ist der 4. April als der internationale Tag für Streunerhunde bekannt und wird den Streunerhunden auf der ganzen Welt gewidmet.

Es ist eine bekannte Tatsache, dass Streunerhunde eigentlich Besitzerhunde sind, die jedoch im Stich gelassen wurden. Wo auch immer es solche Tiere gibt, sind sie ein Beweis dafür, dass es keinen konsequenten, erfolgreichen und verantwortungsvollen Plan für sie gibt.


Allein in Rumänien hat sich die Anzahl der Streunerhunde  desto mehr vergrössert, je mehr die staatlichen Programme versuchen, sie zu töten. Trotzdem geben die Verantwortlichen nicht nach und verändern ihre Vorgangsweise nicht. Dazu kommt, dass Streunerhunde ein lukratives Geschaft bedeuten, das diejenigen, die daran beteiligt sind, nicht aufgeben wollen. Weder das Leiden und der Tod von Zehntausenden von Tieren jedes Jahr, noch die Unzufriedenheit der Bevölkerung, die ein Programm verlangt, das die Anzahl der Streunerhunde effektiv verringert, noch die Bemühungen von Organisationen und Privatmenschen, die versuchen, so viele Tiere wie möglich von der Straße oder aus den öffentlichen Sheltern (die richtige Vernichtungslager sind, die von uns allen finanziert werden, ob wir damit einverstanden sind, oder nicht) zu retten, noch die Arbeit der NGOs, die mit Kastrations-Aktionen versuchen, dem verheerenden Schaden, den die Stadtverwaltungen anrichten, entgegenzuwirken – nichts davon hat die verantwortlichen Behörden dazu veranlasst, ein effektives und humanes Programm zu entwickeln. Sie verweigern einfach, auf die Experten zu hören, oder sie wollen ihr einträgliches Geschäft nicht aufgeben.


Der 4. April ist der Tag, an dem wir über das tägliche Leiden und die Misshandlungen der Streunerhunde nachdenken sollten, und uns klarmachen sollten, in wie weit wir dafür verantwortlich sind. Die einzige Art und Weise, um die Tortur der Tiere zu beenden, ist die Kastration aller Besitzerhunde. Dadurch wird verhindert, dass ungewollte Tiere ausgesetzt werden. Zugleich sollte ein angemessenes Programm für eventuellen Nachwuchs geschaffen werden. Deshalb: Verantwortlichkeit, Ethik und Mitgefühl – diese Eigenschaften machen uns zu zivilisierten Menschen.


Ausserdem möchten wir Euch dazu anregen, Streunertiere dadurch zu unterstützen, indem Ihr ihnen Futter, Wasser, Pflege und Schutz anbietet. Wenn nur irgendwie möglich, bringt sie weg von der Straße oder holt sie aus den Sheltern raus – und rettet ihre Leben für immer.




National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)

Organisation EDUXANIMA



April 4th: International Day of Stray Animals


In recent years, the 4th of April has come to be known as the International Day of Street Animals and is dedicated to stray animals around the world.

It is a known fact that stray animals are actually owned animals that have been abandoned. Wherever such animals exist is an indication that nothing consistent, efficient, and responsible has been done.

Stray animals in Romania alone have become more and more numerous as the country’s program to kill them has expanded; however, the Romanian authorities do not yield and do not change their approach. Moreover, stray animals have turned into a big business that those in charge have no interest giving up. The suffering and death of tens of thousands of animals every year, the discontentment of the society, who calls for a program to reduce the numbers of stray animals, the efforts of organizations and private individuals to rescue from the street or from public shelters (true extermination camps) that are funded (whether we agree or not) by all of us, the NGOs’ efforts to carry out spay & neuter campaigns in an attempt to offset the havoc played and maintained by the Town Halls have not led the authorities to develop an effective (and humane) program, either because they refuse to listen to the experts, or because they simply cannot renounce the business.

April 4th is the day in which we should become aware of the existence of stray animals and of their daily suffering and ill-treatment as a result of our irresponsibility.

The only way to stop their ordeal is spaying & neutering all owned animals – and thus help prevent any further abandonment of unwanted animals –, or a proper management of their offspring. Therefore: responsibility, ethics, compassion – those qualities that make us civilized humans.

We are also encouraging people to support stray animals by providing them with food, water, care, and protection, and wherever possible, take them off the street or out of the shelters, thus saving a life for good.






National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)

Organization EDUXANIMA





England: 3/4/17 – SAV Today Has Update On Issues From The EU. Words That For Animals, Mean Nothing.


3/4/17.  Today we have received the following letter from the EU regarding one of our petitions and the question of stray animals in Serbia as well as the long distance transportation of live animals within the EU and to Turkey.

You can see a full copy of the EU response here:


We are disappointed but not at all surprised by the wording of the EU letter.  Basically, it does very little apart from pass the blame onto everyone else apart from the EU.  As we have always said, the EU is very good at talking the talk; but when it comes to enforcing its own legislation, then the EU is very much outside the enforcement envelope.

On sheets 2 and 3 of the letter you can see we have identified a few statements in the margin using Orange.


Sheet 2 – Notice To Members.


“Most of the issues raised in the petition with regard the management of stray dog populations are not under EU competence”.


Serbia is currently an EU ‘Candidate Country’; getting ready to become an EU member state.  In order to become an EU member state; any hopeful nation has to show it is in full compliance of the EU requirement of showing that it is enforcing the ‘rule of law’ – that it is enforcing its own national legislation within its nation.  As we have shown for the past 10 years or more, Serbia is NOT applying the rule of law as written in existing Serbian legislation when it comes to the welfare of (mainly stray) dogs and cats.


We wanted to make this issue of great importance to the EU Enlargement Commission when considering Serbia’s application to join the EU.  You can see further information about Serbian legislation for stray animals by visiting


But we are disappointed to simply be given the statement that “stray dog populations are not under EU competence”.  We feel that this is action by the EU to simply pass the monitoring game back to individual member states as it always does; who as we have seen in other work (live transport); cannot enforce the EU regulations within their own country.  Why will the EU not introduce stray animal legislation ? – because stray animals do not earn money for member states the same way as meat / live animals do when they are transported to other nations for slaughter.  I guess you could say it is all a question of economics and finance – and stray animals come second !


Effectively; this EU letter gives the green light to Serbia to continue killing stray animals in whatever way it wants even thought they should be given protection under existing Serbian national legislation, as decreed by the Serbian Constitutional Court many years ago (2005).  Put simply, the EU will be happy to take Serbia in as a new EU member state; whilst at the same time ignoring the fact that it does not comply with the EU member state rules of adhering to national law; whilst at the same time continuing to kill animals in the most barbaric and illegal ways.


Moving on to sheet 3 and the issue of the live transport of animals.  Conclusion – Here we read that the EU ‘has launched a 3 year pilot project to develop and disseminate the best practices for animal transport’We are extremely disappointed to read that the EU Commission does not envisage revising the current EU legislation on animal transport but will continue to assist member states in their efforts for its better enforcement.   The words in reality mean nothing.

Please read the excellent report by Animals Angels below – ‘The Myth of Enforcement of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport’.

As we have said so many times in the past; we have ‘head in the sand’ people like Mr Van Goethem and associated EU Commissioners; who should be changing the regulations regularly to better animal welfare and move away form the continual abuses which has been provided to them in so many forms over so many years.  Here are just a few examples:

Video links – evidence to the EU:

A report by Animals Angles evidence to the EU – ‘The Myth of Enforcement

of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport’.

So in conclusion, we have a ‘system’  called the EU – it brags; talks loud and posts so much on its internet service to make anyone in the world think that the system is fantastic.  The reality is, as shown by activists out on the road; and when they / we try to relate failing and their non enforcement to EU legislation, the EU authorities turn the other way and put their heads deep down into the sand.  The EU dopes not want to be shown that anything is wrong in its ‘perfect, paper system’.

Last week the UK triggered Article 50 – we are going to get out and away from these people who are paid big salaries to do things; but whom in reality do nothing.  By leaving and going it alone, the UK will show the world (and the EU) that things are much better when you take back control.  It is the UK against 27 other member states – so we shall see exactly how much control the EU masters have on all their members when Brexit negotiations actually get under way.


Finally, here is some food for thought –