Four Paws – Mosul Rescue Update 13/4/17.

Further great news relating to our recent post –

Dear Mark,

After a long and complicated mission, we are overjoyed to announce that Simba and Lula have safely arrived at the New Hope Centre in Amman, Jordan. Our dedicated and exhausted team released the two animals yesterday morning.

Mark, your overwhelming support has not been overlooked. We simply can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity over these past few weeks. Thank you.

This mission began on 28 March when the FOUR PAWS team entered the Mosul zoo for the first rescue attempt. The animals were examined, anaesthetised, loaded onto a truck and headed to the border out of Mosul. However,  the team was unexpectedly prevented from leaving Mosul with the animals.

The Iraqi military returned the animals to the zoo while the team was forced to head back to Erbil to regroup and decide on the course of action. Lengthy negotiations followed and two days later, the team entered Mosul for the second rescue attempt. Once again, they were stopped at a checkpoint near the border out of Mosul.

Despite the difficulties, we never gave up hope. 

Finally, after nine days of waiting, the team was given clearance to cross the border with the animals and the following day departed in a cargo plane from Erbil airport to Jordan.

Simba and Lula have since moved into their temporary enclosures where they have felt grass under their feet for the first time in their lives.

There, they will be given the time they need to adapt and recover from these past stressful months at the bombed-out Montazah Al-Morour zoo in Mosul. And once they have adapted to their new surroundings, they will be released into their large, permanent homes.

We look forward to updating you on Lula and Simba over the coming months. In the meantime, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Once again, thank you for making this mission possible!

Kindest regards,

Saige Jennings