Serbia: Appeal To Help Snesko – Any Little Helps !

Help Snesko to pay his debt for 6 months (July – December)

Snesko is young retriever mix who dreams about real home almost 2 years. 
We care about him but a lot of dogs require a lot of money but…you know. Money is always problem.

We have debt for his 6 month from July to December. We have debt for accommodation, food, protection against parasites, gas for bringing him to the vet (his kennels is about 40 km in one way from vet), vet costs…

Can anyone help us?

Or please, share this.

We have a lot of problems because we don’t have money to pay all of this.

Thank you!

Please go to the following for donations and to see the photo gallery:

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Thailand: Mali Has Been Alone Without Care For 40 Years. She Has Been Offered A Sanctuary Home But The Zoo Refuses. Petition Them Here.



Mali the elephant holds her own tail for comfort. She suffers from cracked nails and foot pads. She has never had proper medical care.

She is suffering, and it is up to us to help her.

Mali has been held in a barren pen at the Manila Zoo for 40 years. Decades spent pacing back and forth on a concrete floor have left her with potentially fatal foot problems. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand has offered Mali a place where she can roam freely, receive the medical care she needs, and interact with other elephants. But the Manila Zoo has refused to let her go.

Please sign this Care2 petition demanding that Mali be retired to Boon Lott’s Sanctuary as soon as possible.

Elephants in the wild spend up to 18 hours a day walking on grass, soil, dirt, and mud. There is no way that elephants living in places like the Manila Zoo are able to get enough exercise to prevent cracked nails, overgrown cuticles, cracked pads, and arthritis.

When captive elephants develop foot and joint problems, it is imperative that they get care immediately before their wounds become infected. Mali has not received the appropriate foot care in the entire time that she has been held at the Manila Zoo. Elephant experts who have observed her recently now fear for her life.

Mali has spent 40 years alone and in pain at a facility that has done nothing to help her. Together we must speak out to make sure she spends her last years in a place that will nurture her back to health, provide her with a natural habitat, and expose her to the company of other elephants.

Sign this petition to free Mali from the Manila Zoo and send her to Boon Lott’s Sanctuary.

Thank you,

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UK: Great News For Dogs – 95% Now Fitted With Microchip – ‘Stray’ Dogs Fall To Lowest Level For 20 Years.



Stray dogs fall to lowest level in 20 years after compulsory microchipping is introduced


Telegraph Reporters

6 April 2017 • 12:01am

The number of stray dogs has fallen to the lowest level in 20 years after compulsory microchipping was introduced, data has suggested. 

Around 95 per cent of UK dogs are now fitted with a microchip with their owner’s details that mean pets can be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen, data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show.

They have enabled thousands of dogs to be reunited with their owners and the Dogs Trust’s annual survey found the number of strays fell last year by 21 per cent to the lowest levels since the survey began in 1997.

It is excellent to see that so many owners have taken action to get their dogs chipped Animal Welfare Minister Lord Gardiner

Now, on the anniversary of the introduction of compulsory microchipping, owners are being reminded to make sure the details on the chips are up to date so they can be easily contacted if their pet is lost or stolen.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Gardiner said: “Thanks to microchipping, thousands of dogs have been reunited with their owners and the number of stray dogs is now at a record low.

“It is excellent to see that so many owners have taken action to get their dogs chipped – a painless process for dogs which many charities will carry out for free.

“However, still too many are not being reunited where owners have not updated their details when they move home or get a new phone number – heart-breaking for the owner, and easily avoidable with a five-minute phone call.


UK: Update On Amy From IAR. Great Improvement, But Time Will Tell.



Dear Mark

I recently sent you an urgent appeal on behalf of Amy the orangutan. We found her chained by the neck, all alone in a small wooden crate with nothing but an old rag for comfort.

Our medical team were deeply concerned when they first saw poor Amy. She seemed to have completely given up on life.

Her legs were so bent that when our rescue team led her away from her wooden prison she struggled to walk with them.

Amy has undergone a second health check at our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, where the vets took x-rays of her legs to try to establish why they are so bent. The results showed that the bone is healthy and there are no fractures or bullets lodged in them. So the problem must have been caused by the long years in captivity which have affected the growth of her bones and her muscle development.

Only time will tell whether the damage can ever be repaired.


Thankfully, the vets’ latest report shows that Amy is making progress. She is taking an interest in her surroundings and playing with the leafy branches she is given as enrichment. And she no longer seems so sad and depressed which is encouraging news. But she still has a long way to go on her road to recovery.
If you would like to make a gift today towards Amy’s treatment and rehabilitation, your donation will be gratefully received and put to immediate good use by the team of vets and keepers who are caring for her. 

Thank you in advance for whatever you can give.

Yours sincerely

Alan Knight OBE
Chief Executive of International Animal Rescue


To donate to help Amy –