The baron loses his throne!




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Mozarella di bufala: italy`s blood cheese



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Indoneis: New Orangutan Discovered – But Immediately Under Threat – Sign The Petition Now.

Scientists just announced there’s a new species of orangutan that we never knew existed before… and they need our help.

They’re called Tapanuli orangutans and they have their own distinct genes and features. But there’s only 800 of them left — and a new dam project is about to rip through their forest in Indonesia.

But there’s still hope: the scientific announcement has made headlines, and
investors are backing away from the project. Let’s end it once and for all by getting the Indonesian government to stop all industrial projects in the Tapanuli’s home land!

Sign now, then share everywhere – when we reach a million signers we’ll take our call directly to the Indonesian authorities!

Petition Link – PLEASE SIGN

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Serbia: Urgent Appeal To Help Pozega Dogs.

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