German farmers demonstrate: “We don’t give a shit about environment and animals”!



“The truth wins, but it can only win if it is told”!!


Wow! Over 10,000 farmers are currently traveling to Nuremberg.

With over 5000 tractors. It will be demonstrated against the federal government’s new agricultural package.

On Tuesday, farmers and farmers from all over Germany want to demonstrate in Berlin against the current agricultural policy: Numerous tractors from Franconia have also taken the star trip.



The new agricultural package it`s not exactly an ingenious construct, but that means a little more environmental, nature and animal protection.

The farmers consider this an economic boycott and demonstrate.

At the same time, the farmers no longer want to be called animal torturers and environmental polluters.
If they don’t give a shit for environment and animals, what else are the farmers?

If I am not an animal torturer, I do not use animals for my economic interests.
Breeding animals alone is a pain because the animals are bred for top performance and after a few years they are sent to death, to the slaughterhouse without having lived a third of their life at all, because they are no longer profitable!


That is why there have been so many animal welfare violations in farmers lately … because they all love their animals …..?



The farmers are the ones who poison wells, which compact soils in such a way that they destroy their essential storage capacities and biological habitats, and who practice something like systemic biological terrorism through the increasingly extremist energy crop monocultures.


For organizational reasons, but also due to the lack of pasture land, the turbo cows spend the few years of their miserable life exclusively in the playpen, without ever entering a pasture.



The amount of slurry generated by these companies is enormous.
As a rule, farmers do not have large enough agricultural areas on which manure / liquid manure could be applied as fertilizer.

Several times a year, oversized quantities are therefore disposed of in areas that are much too small, which has catastrophic consequences for nature.

And yet, more and more dairy farms are enlarging their herds to well over 500 to over 1,000.


(In 0:19 seconds video time you can read the ridiculous slogan: “We don’t give a shit about animals and the environment”!)


We let the farmers demonstrate.
With their turbo tractors – subsidized by the EU – and their anti-social slogans, they downgrade their actions themselves to an environmental political farce.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. This is not ‘livestock’, it is not ‘industry’ , not ‘animal agriculture’ but crimes of space dimensions.

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