Germany: murder in the Tönnies slaughterhouse-where is the joke?

A fatal dispute has broken out in Germany’s largest slaughterhouse.

A 34-year-old man subsequently died in the hospital. The background is currently still open.

In a dispute between workers at the Tönnies slaughterhouse in North Rhine-Westphalia, a man was killed in front of numerous colleagues on Friday.

According to a joint statement from the police and the public prosecutor’s office, a 35-year-old man injured his colleague (34) with a sharp object at around 7 a.m.

The younger one died in the hospital.
The urgent suspect was arrested. According to the police, the body should be autopsied in the afternoon.

The police set up a homicide commission under the name “Loop”.

A police spokesman did not provide any information about the background to the crime in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (Gütersloh district) with reference to the ongoing investigation.
It also remained open whether the suspect commented on the allegations.

According to Tönnies company spokesman André Vielstädte, the employee “died despite immediate first aid measures in the hospital”.

The incident occurred in a dismantling area (!!!)
Production had to be interrupted for hours in part of the operation for the criminal police to secure evidence.

According to a statement from Tönnies, the employee attacked his colleague with a knife. The police speak of a sharp object.

Managing director André Vielstädte promised the police and the public prosecutor’s office “full support” in the investigation.

Works council member Mustafa Kuyucu was shocked, according to the announcement: “We are sad and stunned by the act. Our condolences go to the family, friends, and colleagues of our employees.

We guarantee the relatives, colleagues, and friends of the victim all the help they need. “

Emergency chaplains took care of the eyewitnesses. The company has set up a hotline that employees can contact.


And I mean…Murder in the slaughterhouse!!!

So far so good, but where can we find the unusual?
It is normal for the killing factory to be brutally murdered every second in this animal industry system.
The only special thing about it: a human-animal was killed, not pigs or cattle, as is usual.

The sick system is now exposed; The murder assembly line is out of order for a few days, because someone is murdered there!
What gallows humor!

Thousands of living beings / Earthlings die every day in the cruelest way, and when a person is hit and suddenly the outcry in all media is great: Justice for the victim!

Sure, these people are victims of the system/society too.
They are exploited and put under pressure here – all power over accommodation, wages, work, and working hours lies in the hands of the manufacturer.

But they are also used to the most brutal violence against other creatures (cattle, pigs).
This case clearly shows who works in this profession. Or how one becomes when he works there.

Whoever cuts the throat of a cattle with a knife and remains deaf when the animal roars, who can slaughter the screaming goat in cold blood – how far is such a person from crime?

Now the alleged murderer is sentenced. When will we finally convict animal killers?

My best regards to all, Venus

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