Put Reckless World Leaders On Notice About Climate Change.

Put Reckless World Leaders on Notice About Climate Change

Posted by Tiffany White


Petition Link: https://forcechange.com/551493/put-careless-world-leaders-on-notice-about-climate-change/


Target: Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

Goal: Combat climate change and protect our planet from imminent destruction.

Scientists have predicted that the Amazon rainforests could be approaching an irreversible “tipping point” in their survival. The planet as a whole may be approaching this same point of no return. As the leaders of the world’s major economies converge in Davos, now is the time to confront this crisis head-on.

bol 1

While the World Economic Forum promises a focus on climate change at the Davos meeting, evidence of a true, worthwhile commitment is scarce. Opportunistic politicians around the world are throwing fire on this explosive crisis. The deforestation policies of Brazil’s president contributed to the raging Amazon wildfires of 2019. At the same time, the Australian president’s refusal to address climate change in meaningful ways has only exacerbated the infernos in that region.

morrison fire 3

trump environment 2

And Davos’ 2020 keynote speaker, President Donald Trump, is preparing to tack revoked protections for wetlands and streams on to his 95-and-counting current environmental rollbacks. Just days before the Davos meeting, the president tweeted this mocking “advice” to New Yorkers dealing with rising sea levels: “get your mops and buckets ready!”

Without unified, true global leadership, humanity runs the imminent risk of destroying its own home. Sign the petition below to hold these leaders accountable for ensuring this planet’s future.


Dear Professor Schwab,

The World Economic Forum recently listed climate change as an urgent concern amongst worldwide populations. For all of the differences and conflicts between countries and cultures, we all share this common enemy…an enemy of our own making. The time for talking has long passed, and the time for action is yesterday.

“Stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world:” this theme will drive Davos 2020, but a few speeches will not be enough. Do not let any one person co-opt this important summit or detract from its mission. Please carry this mission forward with purposeful intent. Let this annual gathering of world leaders be a starting point for a productive and proactive year where sustaining and safeguarding this world remains a top priority for earth’s economic powers.

The cost of inaction is far too high.


[Your Name Here]


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