For animal rights pity is not enough

Animals United e.V.

❌💔‼ ️ Born to suffer – suffered to die: The millions of murders in German slaughterhouses
🦆 15.9 million ducks
🐔🥚 32.1 million laying hens
🦃 34.2 million turkeys
🐖 55.1 million pigs
🐔 620.5 million broilers
🐄🐑 5.2 million other animals (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, geese, horses)
‼ ️ More than 763 million living beings died an unspeakably cruel death within the German slaughter machine in 2019!
https: // /…/ Schlachtzahlen …

Creatures are capable of emotions and suffering who wanted to live – produced, tormented, robbed of their natural treasures and murdered – only to end up packed or marinated in the freezers of local supermarkets and fresh food counters – and with their tortured bodies to satisfy our society’s hunger for meat!

Over 763 million creatures were born because of their death and whose individual needs were completely disregarded.
Their only aspiration was to thrive, love, and LIVE!

💔🐮🐷🐔 Lovable individuals who, during their far too short life, have mobilized all their resources to survive the rawness and cruelty of the system which, without being asked, has degraded them to the slaves of human consumerism.

❗️ Born to suffer – suffered to die❗️
Boycott systemic torture & mass murder – renounce meat and animal products❗️


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Animals United e.V.For animal rights. Because pity is not enough!

And I mean…Animal welfare in Germany can look back on around 150 years of history and its structure is still valid today.

And yet this animal protection law has not prevented all the billions of mistreatment and destruction of animals in slaughterhouses, factory farms, in animal experiments, in zoos and circuses.

It declared as justice what is an injustice!

Animals can suffer at a very high level that can go beyond physical pain.
So it’s the shitty lives of millions of these animals that we mean when we talk about meat consumption.

You don’t need a highly developed intelligence to understand it.

Humans are only one of many living beings on this earth who have the same right to live here in freedom as other living beings.

This human-animal is therefore in no way something better but has simply taken this fascist right to determine the life and death of other animals.

In any case, we know that we do constant bestial cruelty to animals day after day even if we take food as an example.

If a civilized person does not feel that this is a reason to be ashamed, then it is more a testimony to the shit moral development of this person.

My best regards to all, Venus

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