Germany..and your psychopath hunters


As a pastime, hunters in Germany kill up to half a million foxes in the most gruesome way – many of the animals are “only” shot or literally crushed and mutilated.
Foxes serve as a living target for hunters; there is no reason for the mass hunt of the predators either from a wild biological or health point of view.

Politics must finally act and put an end to the senseless killing of the useful animals.



Foxes are an important part of our nature and need our protection.

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) belongs to the order of the predators (Carnivora) and is a representative of the dog family (Canidae). Due to the extraordinary ability to adapt to the most varied living conditions, it lives in a variety of habitats – from remote forests to cultural landscapes and into the cities.

The red fox is also not picky when it comes to its food and eats, for example, small mammals, birds and earthworms, but also carrion or fruit.



Foxes live both as loners and in social family groups. In such a family association, only the dominant pair of foxes have offspring – some foxes even stay together for a lifetime.

The mating season is between December and February.

After about 52 days, four to five fox pups are born.
In a fox family, both parents take care of the children. The older daughters also often stay with the parents and lovingly help raise their siblings.

Foxes do everything for their family: In May 2009, the British Daily Mail reported a fox puppy caught in a snare trap. The little fox survived only because his mother probably gave him food for two weeks until he was saved.



“Smart like a fox”

The red fox is the most common prey on earth. It lives in the icy cold in the Arctic Circle, but also in hot North Africa and in the dry steppes of Asia. Thanks to his high level of intelligence, he can adapt to a wide variety of living conditions and is a real survivor.

“Foxes learn quickly, grasp relationships and can then translate their knowledge into sophisticated strategies that ensure their survival in many situations. […] There are foxes, for example, who pretend to be dead to attract crows, who then snatch them at the right moment.(Prof. Dr. Dr. Herzog, Technical University Dresden)



Violation of the animal protection law

According to the Animal Welfare Act § 17, it is forbidden to kill or harm an animal without good reason. Nothing else happens in the fox hunt.

Animal welfare has been anchored in the Basic Law since 2002 and must be viewed as a legally binding good. The state protection goal of animal protection has basic rights status – but not hunting. Thus, the right to hunt is subordinate to animal welfare.

Unfortunately, the hunter lobby, which is well networked in the authorities and politics, was able to assert itself again and again on the political level.

In Luxembourg, on the other hand, the government was not impressed by the hunters’ slogans and in April 2015 enforced a ban on fox hunting that continues to this day. The result: “No major problems”!



The Luxembourg hunting association “Fédération Saint-Hubert” nevertheless tried to take legal action against the ban on hunting – without success. In 2016 the administrative court upheld the ban on fox hunting and the judges’ weak arguments were clearly rejected by the judges:

“On the one hand, the hunters cannot prove to the legislature that there is a clear mistake in assessing the situation. On the other hand, hunters cannot clearly demonstrate that the number of foxes is limited by hunting. “

The animal agonies during fox hunting are caused by:


– Missed shots: only half of the animals are killed by firing with guns: Most are seriously injured and die an agonizing death after days.


-Construction hunt: the foxes are driven and shot by hunters with dogs from their protective structure.


-Homicide traps: In practice, these traps often injure animals severely, and many of them die a slow and painful death from severed limbs, broken fragments, or crushed body parts.


-Live traps: the animals are caught with these traps and then executed with a head shot.
The special wire mesh traps are attached to the exits of the burrow, so that the fox pups step in on their next tour of discovery. In this way, hunters wipe out entire fox families.


Sign our petition: The senseless fox hunt in Germany must finally be prohibited!

Please ask together with us the responsible ministries of all federal states as well as the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture to remove foxes from the list of huntable species or at least to introduce a year-round closed season.



My comment: From the Facebook page “Total Hunt”, February 8, 2020:
Successful fox hunt 🦊

On the morning stalk, this fox laced lengthways across the field and I can get a precise shot with my specialized fox rifle in caliber 22-250 Rem. With the V-Max 55 grs from Hornady, the woman is in a blast. The caliber makes shooting extremely pleasant and precise. The recoil is minimal with a silencer. The perfect combination for the fox hunt 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Image: Jagd Total



This is how psychopaths talk.

Hunting opens up a “space” for crime to murder.
Hunting without murder is a term that cancels itself.

Killing can have a power component and hunting is the stage on which power is also lived.
Animals are the victims that are readily available.
The animal species plays only a subordinate role here: game, pets, “farm animals”.

The main thing is to kill.

And they try to enforce their murder ideology through love of nature, ecological balance, regulation of populations … a silly justification for their crimes that no educated and civilized person would accept.

Best regards to all, Venus


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