China: Idiots In Charge or What ? – Patients at Wuhan’s coronavirus hospital are given TURTLES for dinner !!


'Today's meal includes softshell turtle meat,' claimed one person in isolation in one of the makeshift hospitals in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak

China – Sorry but are the officials there thick or something ?

Are we supposed to feel sorry when idiots in charge do this kind of thing ?

Softshell turtles are considered highly nutritious in the traditional Chinese medicine. People believe the species, native to China, can help sick people recover more quickly (file photo)

Patients at Wuhan’s coronavirus hospital are given TURTLES for dinner after contracting the deadly disease spread to humans from wild animals

  • One person in quarantine said his hospital meal included softshell turtle meat

  • The species is considered highly nutritious in the traditional Chinese medicine

  • Experts believe the new coronavirus was passed onto humans from wild animals

  • Chinese scientists today suggested pangolins might be an intermediate host

  • China has ordered Wuhan to quarantine all confirmed and potential patients



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Germany: Police shoot dog on the highway. It was murder.

Police officer shot a free-running dog on the Highway 29 with a submachine gun. Previously, ten officers (!!!) tried to capture the animal.


A free-running stray dog temporarily blocked traffic on Highway29 near Rastede near Oldenburg (Germany) and caused a lot of work for the police. The animal did not want to be caught on Thursday (February 6, 2020) and switched from one lane to the other.

The highway was temporarily blocked (25 Minutes).



Attempts to sedate the animal from a rifle with stun arrows failed, the police said after the operation. “The arrows hit, but had no effect,” said a spokesman. That was probably due to the dog’s high adrenaline level. Ultimately, an officer shot the animal with a submachine gun.

After the targeted killing of these free-running dog  the police explained their procedure in a Facebook post.

The officials responded to massive criticism on social networks. The decision to kill the animal was based on the considerable risk to the affected road users on the A29.



Before the fatal shot, police said ten officers tried to capture the animal. “There were no alternatives, unfortunately nothing else was possible,” said the spokesman. “The use of firearms is always the last option here”, the Facebook post emphasizes.

“Despite the closure of the motorway, it could not be ruled out that the animal could have caused a serious accident. Please understand. No police officer likes to do this, and we’re really sorry for the dog” (police statement on Facebook),hund1662.html

And I mean…Close the files, case is over.

The dog was neither aggressive nor had behaved incorrectly.
A submachine gun is of course always a quick fix so that car traffic is not held up too long.

Blocked for 25 minutes the highway? Really?? For every shit construction work is blocked the Highway forever!

but for a dog only 25 minutes?

10 officers failed to catch a medium-sized stray dog ​​???! Not even with a blanket or something like the police do in America?

Then we should rather have doubts about what the police can do, if it can’t even catch a dog in an open area without killing him.

The traffic was already shut down, so no driver was at risk, and the dog had obviously managed to get through the highway fence into the forest (where he was then shot).
He would never have run back on the highway.

And yet, someone shoots him.
With shooting they are always quick, they always shoot down immediately. And always the wrong or the weak ones!

If you want to become a police officer in Germany, it is enough if you have a fascist conviction and criminal energy.
It was murder.


My best regards to all, Venus


UK: Farms Not Factories – Pester the Pig Asks You to Contact DEFRA.




Pester the Pig is at it again; taking revenge on a couple that are ordering factory farmed bacon sarnies:

Click on this link to see another video showing Pester getting revenge:



Where does your local high street café get their pork from? 5 of the 6 high street café chains we surveyed get their pork from factory farms. Pester Pig takes revenge on a heartless couple who order factory-farmed bacon sarnies! You can help free pigs from chains by liking and sharing this video.

Tell DEFRA to ban low welfare imports

We’re calling on the UK government to ban the importation of pork produced in conditions that would be illegal in the UK. Sign the petition today:


The Problem

UK supermarkets & high street chains source from the very cheapest pork producers across the EU and perhaps in future from the USA, forcing our farmers out of the industry or to get bigger with ever more intensive and cruel conditions. Pigs reared in UK factory farms (an intensive farming system that is permitted under the Red Tractor labelling scheme) have to endure permanent indoor confinement in barren, overcrowded pens for their entire lives. Mother pigs are kept in narrow metal cages so small they cannot even turn around for five weeks in each pregnancy.

The Solution

To enable our farmers to improve their pig standards and survive, the government needs to ban the importation of pork produced in cruel conditions that are illegal in the UK. This would stop supermarkets & food chains competing to source the cheapest pork raised in the lowest standards of welfare and give UK farmers the freedom to increase their welfare conditions in accordance with UK consumers’ demands.

Pork labelled RSPCA Assured, Free Range and Organic has been raised in significantly better standards than the UK Red Tractor labelling scheme and minimum UK,EU and US standards. Pigs on high welfare farms, either outdoors or indoors with plenty of straw, are less stressed so more contented and healthy . They have enough room to roam and express natural instinctive behaviours such as rooting, nesting and playing.

The Pig Welfare Survey

Three-quarters of the 60 high street supermarkets & food chains surveyed by Farms Not Factories sell pork from factory farms. The vast majority of these don’t offer a single high welfare alternative.

Please sign our petition telling DEFRA MPs to enable our farmers to improve their pig standards and survive.

We’ve prepared an email for you, however it’s much more powerful to write in your own words. A personalised salutation (Dear + MPs name) and a sign-off (Sincerely, + your name) are automatically added.