Thailand: Screaming pig is clubbed to death in shocking images from Thai slaughterhouse.

Thailand :

Read the full article via this link – WARNING – Very distressing images.

An undated photo shows a sow screaming as the butcher swings his club down towards her head to stun her before slaughter in Thailand

Screaming pig is clubbed to death in shocking images from Thai slaughterhouse where animals are sliced with iron nails to force them into pens


  • Jo-Anne McArthur, 43, took the photos at a slaughterhouse just a few hours from the Thai capital, Bangkok

  • She founded We Animals Media and uses storytelling and journalism to try to put an end to animal cruelty  

  • The Thai owner of the slaughterhouse routinely invites people to see how the animals are killed, she said

  • She said a group of veterinary students had been there earlier and they vomited after seeing the slaughter 

A man with a stun gun (left) immobilises the pig, while a butcher prepares to slit the animals' throats at the Thai slaughterhouse

A pig is pictured dying in a pool of its own blood on the floor of a Thai slaughterhouse in this undated photograph

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