USA: Pig farmers continue to increase

Department of Agriculture experts anticipate a significant increase in US pig production and higher pork exports to Mexico and China this year.



As of March 1, 2020, approximately 4% more pigs were kept in the United States than in the previous year.

In the United States, the signs on the pig market are still pointing to expansion.
The farmers have once again increased their stocks to record levels.


According to recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a total of 77.63 million pigs were held nationwide as of March 1, 2020; that was almost 4.0% more than twelve months earlier and more than ever since the spring census began in 1988.

The survey found growth in all animal categories.


The productivity of sows also goes up.

In the last recorded period from December 2019 to February 2020, with an average of 11.0 piglets per litter, more animals were born alive than ever before in this winter period. Compared to the same period in the previous year, the increase was 2.8%.

In view of the stock development, the USDA experts also anticipate a significant increase in US pork production in 2020; This should increase by around 830,000 t compared to the previous year to a record level of 13.15 million t (!!!)

With domestic consumption growing rather moderately, pork exports are forecast to increase by almost 650,000 tons or 23% to 3.52 million t (!)


Above all, higher sales are expected in Mexico and China.

As part of phase 1 of the trade agreement with the People’s Republic of China, Beijing facilitated access to the US pork market and reduced import duties.
The delivery volume there has already increased significantly in recent months, according to the American meat export organization (USMEF).

And I mean…What can one say?

Is that all we have learned from this pandemic? Should we perhaps wait until 1 billion non-thinking, non-learning, non-understanding human animals die?

We continue to allow slaughterhouses and the animal industry to think for us, produce viruses and work at high speed for mass animal suffering.

We saw this virus bomb as an opportunity to introduce a new animal order that will abolish factory farming in the future.
Not only for the benefit of the animals.

However, learning ability has been shut down in most brainless and fearful people, or so-called good people, through daily propaganda and the lying system.

No virus, not even the corona is stronger than human stupidity and evil.

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. Let all those who order and all those who commit these crimes: disappear from the face of the Earth, ASAP.

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